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We’ll bring your vision for your next miniatures project to reality. We are an all-in-one studio with a store, and so can deliver to you your miniatures at a discount, assembled, painted and based in a carrying case right to your door.

Our process:

  1. Check out the different paint standards we offer and email us at and let us know what you would like to have done.  Please be as detailed as possible, i.e. let us know if we need to supply the models, if you are supplying them yourself, what paint level you would like, photos of examples, etc.
  2. You either send us the models you want painted or purchase them through us at our low prices.
  3. We inventory all of the models and let you know what we got, if anything was damaged during shipping, etc.
  4. If necessary, we will clean and assemble the models.
  5. We will prime the models.
  6. We paint them according to the level of paint quality you requested.
  7. Pictures: we send you pictures of your army as it is painted to keep you in the loop and to get feedback as we progress through the project.
  8. Once you give final approval of the project, we collect any outstanding fees and off your freshly painted minis go!
  9. Shipping. Finally, we carefully pack your miniatures and ship them to you! Note: shipping charges are separate from the fees associated with painting your army and will be billed to you prior to delivery of the product.

40k & Age of Sigmar Paint Pricing

Warmachine and Hordes Paint Pricing

For all other miniatures and games, please email the paint manager at for a personalized quote.



Magnetizing your models is a great way to get the most out of each kit. You can swap weapon load outs to totally change the way a model plays and get more mileage out of your army! This helps to keep things fresh and to make adjustments after the army is painted without having to get an entirely new model painted.

  • We charge a flat rate of $1 per magnet used, which covers material and labor. Please remember, that is per magnet and you will typically need to consider the mount magnet and the magnet on each optional piece. So, for example, to magnetize a tank and two weapons would be $3.00. $1 for the mount, $1 for each weapon.

Painting All Options in a Kit


Often clients ask us to paint all options in a given kit. For example, a client may want all of the weapons in a Crisis Suit Team to be painted so they can switch them out, or all the options in a Leman Russ kit, etc. This takes a lot of additional labor and so we charge an additional 50% over the standard cost of painting and assembly/cleaning the model.

White and Yellow Fees


We charge an additional fee for painting models where the primary color is yellow or white.  This is due to the extra time needed to paint these colors and is a separate cost listed in the cost spreadsheets.


  • When purchasing the models through Frontline Gaming, we require payment in full for all product up front. Product is fully refundable up until labor begins, at which point it is no longer refundable (as we cannot use it once it is out of the box and assembly has begun) but we will of course ship it to you once shipping for the product has been paid.
  • For projects $750.00 and under, we require half of the labor costs up front as a deposit to begin work, and half upon completion of the project, prior to shipment of the final product.
  • For projects over $750 we can break the project up into as many as 4 payments due at predetermined dates.
  • We accept Credit Cards, Money Orders, Cash, and PayPal. We do not accept personal checks.

Paint Standards

  • Tabletop Standard OUR BEST VALUE! Tabletop standard paint jobs feature a clean base-coat, detail work and 1-2 levels of highlighting per base color. Tabletop standard includes detail work such as eyes and accessories. We sometimes dip models at this level or airbrush layers and add a wash as appropriate to the aesthetic of the model in question. These models look great for the table-top at a very affordable price.




  • Table-Top Plus Standard level painting comes with a clean base-coat, a minimum of 2 levels of highlight per base color, may feature blending, weathering powders and pigments, fine detail work, lighting effects, etc. as appropriate to the model. These models look great at any distance and will feature painting and modeling techniques that will set them apart from the norm.






We offer a Masterclass Paint Service for the exceptional models in your collection. Level 4 is our Masterclass level of painting. These projects are usually reserved for single models and are painted by our best painters to the limit of their skill. The end result is a display quality miniature that will be the highlight of your collection. These models take several days to paint, and as such we have to charge a premium. Each project is priced individually, but pricing for a single 25mm based model starts at $150. Email us with details of your project and we will shoot you back a quote.

magnus1 magnus2

Basing Levels

  1. Level 1 basing is included in all of our painting projects and is a flat $1 per model. Level one basing is a simple, single material basing. Typically this will be sand, grass, etc. You can choose to have no basing, which is obviously free of charge.
  2. Level 2 basing consists of 2-3 types of basing material, and simple paint work to set it off.
  3. Level 3 basing features a minimum of 3 types of basing material, may include custom bits, extensive paint work and detail work to set them apart from the norm.
  4. If you want no basing then obviously, we will not charge you for it!

Client Testimonials

  • To whom it may concern, I recently had a large Harlequins/Dark Eldar army assembled by your painting studio. I am writing to let you know that the project went well and to offer personal praise for Kian Alden, who was professional, friendly, and engaged throughout the process. If this isn’t the best address for this kind of thing, please let his bosses know he dun gud. Thanks for everything, –Sam
  • Jason, The models showed up today, all safe and sound. They look absolutely amazing and I am very happy with how they turned out. This project solidified Frontline as my go-to company for any and all commission work. I can’t wait to have my next project lined up. Thank you again. -Jacob
  • Once again thanks for Tamurkhan it really reinforced my continued support of Frontline Gaming, you guys are my go to studio and I do not foresee that ever changing. – Justin M.
  • Just received the model today.  Didn’t even open it before I gave it to my brother.  When he opened it my jaw dropped. It looks so much more amazing in person. I can’t get over how little justice the pictures did.  Please let the the artist know how impressed we are and to keep the formula well be ordering more in the same paint scheme.  
  • Jason,I received the minis today and they are awesome. They all made it in one piece  packaged very well. The painting is very, very nice. I am very happy with the  job you and your team has done. I look forward to having my armies painted again by Frontline Gaming in the near future. Thank you, Jason M.
  • Jason, Everything just arrived, was unpacked, inspected, etc. I haven’t had a chance to go over everything in excruciating detail, but from what I have examined, I am beyond satisfied. Whomever was responsible for the paint work has a commendable degree of attention to detail. Seriously, if it’s possible to request that individual, or those individuals, for any future work, I will. If you get the chance to pass along my thanks, please do so? I had originally chosen you all and the level 3 side of the service because from what I could see of your work in your portfolio section, it was of a standard and style relatively close to my own, comparable to what I can achieve on a good day. Having seen the results up close, it was definitely a good decision. The commissioned work doesn’t look out of place next to my own, and I can, in fact, see things I could be doing better than I have been. It also would have taken me much longer to accomplish. Based on my experience with you so far, I’d already been mulling over expansions to this project, or commissions for other armies I’ve been planning. I will definitely be in touch regarding those when the time is right. In short, too late I know, you all do good work, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks.
  • Thank you for doing some of that work on my behalf, Drew
  • Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I got the mini’s from the post office (after having missed the shipment to my door) and let me tell you, the
    In progress pictures did not do it any justice! They are amazing and really what I was looking for in terms of Color for the Sons of Dorn. If/when Forgeworld eventually release a model for Sigismund and Dorn be sure to know that you’ll probably hear from me soon after! Cheers! Julien.
  • All I can say is summed up perfectly by Lama Su, from Episode 2 Attack of the Clones.“Magnificent…aren’t they.” -J
  • Jason, 
    I went ahead and picked up the models. They looked astonishing. 
    I just wanted to give you a very sincere thank you as you have been extremely helpful over the course of this transaction. You responded to me almost immediately for every email and question and your periodic updates of the models was great. 
    You have solidified yourself a customer for life haha!  -Josh 
  • The folks at Frontline Gaming’s painting service were able to put paint to models and fulfill the vision of an army I’d been thinking about for years but didn’t have the skill to handle myself.  They were incredibly helpful and provided a detailed breakdown of models being ordered, paints used and progress shots.I’ve used other painting services in the past and Frontline beats them all on value, turn around time, and quality of work.Very highly recommended and I’ll definitely use them again.Dave
  • I met Reecius at Adepticon in 2010.  We were teammates on Dakka Detachment 2.  The first example of his work I saw were the Catachan IG he used for our team tournament, and they were excellent!  Later during the convention, I had the privilege of facing his WIP Eldar army in a pick-up game.  (These would become the dreaded “Footdar”!)  The models he had finished were even better than his IG, and anyone that has seen his Eldar can attest to the skill with which they are painted.  Fast Forward to 2012, and Reecius told me that he was starting a game store with some folks, and they were also going to do commission painting.  Well needless to say, that got me interested, as like many folks I imagine, I have plenty of figs laying around and not enough time to paint them all.  And hey, Frontline’s prices were pretty reasonable all things considered, and I’d be helping out a friend with his business, and I’ve seen plenty of examples of his work, so I know he knows what goes into a good paintjob.  (To clarify, however, Reece doesn’t do ALL the painting for Frontline, they actually have a team of painters, but with Reece and the Zero Comp folks at the helm, I had confidence that they wouldn’t allow a shoddy paintjob to pass muster in their outfit.) So, I decided to take the plunge and have Frontline paint up my Eldar.From there, it was all business, and Frankie G, Frontline’s Paint crew leader set me up with all the information I needed, and gave me a very detailed quote of what I would be getting, including unit by unit breakdowns of cost, as well as what kind of timetable I was looking at.  Well, that’s all well and good, but I’m a technical, nitpicky guy myself, so I also spent a little time on the phone going over specific things like conversions, poses, magnets, and other things that I’m sure made me a real “peach” to deal with.  Kudo’s to Frankie for being extremely patient and super responsive with all my questions and additional requests!  These guys at Frontline definitely are not afraid to make sure the project you’re paying for is exactly what you want. With all that said and done, we were off and ready to go.  As my project/army was being completed, Frankie gave me frequent up to date status updates, as well as WIP pictures.  As I received the updates, Frontline was very flexible with making minor changes (and even some last minute additions!) to my army. The final part, and arguably the most important, of course, was the actual day that I received my army.  Everything was packed extremely carefully, each unit was individually bubble wrapped and padded to make sure nothing was broken or scratched in transit.  While the pictures Frankie sent me of the completed army were certainly impressive, unpacking them and viewing them up close, I was just completely blown away by how nicely they turned out.  Airbrushing, shading, highlights and some light freehanding really made my Eldar stand out, and I’m really proud of them.So, basically what I’m saying is, if you want your army painted by guys that care as much as you do, Frontline is the place to get it done. Doug “Whitedragon” James
  • I have heard that just thinking about frontline gaming makes some people pee their pants a little.  While this has never happened to me personally, yesterday frontline gaming’s painting crew made me dance in my driveway.  Seriously folks, if you need top notch painting that will not break the bank, these guys rock the house.  I had conversions, fidgety forge world models, and spindly bit models and they were all executed professionally.  Frontline’s paint service is da shizzle. Kevin Schack, AKA Gorress Widowsbane
  • Frontline Gaming did an excellent paint job on my deathwing terminators and were a pleasure to do business with. I recommend their services to those who love the hobby but don’t have time to do their own painting.Brian
  • Hey guys!I have not had a lot of interaction with Frontline, but the service, timeliness, and professionalism of every employee has been outstanding! I am working on getting an Army ordered and painted through you guys and instead of trying to get me to buy extra crap that I don’t need or want Frankie is helping me put together an Army list I like and don’t waste cash on. I have already recommended you guys to all my 40K friends for their gaming purchases and I look forward to continuing to work with you all as I return from overseas!I definitely will make a stop by the store the next time I am in Martinez to thank you guys in person! I look forward to continue to working with you all!Mario
  •  Like many people out there, I’m sure not everyone always has time to paint their models. I know ,between work and family, I barely have time to play 40K. Taking the time to paint up an army to a standard that I can be proud of, is almost impossible in any decent amount of time. Now, the problem for me is I hate to have a sea of grey on the tabletop. So, I did the sensible thing and started looking for outside help. I’ve had a few fairly large commissions done before, and Frontline gaming was just getting started up around the time of the Necron release. Now, I’ve always been impressed with Reecius’ tactics, battle reports, and of course his stunningly painted Space Wolf army. A few emails later and I had set up a very large commission with them, for the needed additions to my Necron army. The staff at Frontline gaming was very professional in all of their emails, and always exceptionally quick to answer any questions I had. They gave me very consistent updates, and were always open and happy to change anything I asked. While the Army looked great in the pictures, nothing could have prepared me for how it looked when it arrived. It was simply one of the most beautiful armies I have ever seen. The pictures just did not do it any justice. Suffice to say, I was very impressed with Frontline gaming’s professionalism the entire journey through my commission, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for small or large projects.I know that anyone that has commission work done by them, will only be impressed, and beyond satisfied. Sasori
  • “I bought the Keebler Studios Tripple Can Candimonium Kit and Frontlinegaming did a superb job assembling and painting it at a very reasonable price. I love it, and it’s environmentally friendly as well!”    Jim “Jy2” Yeh
  • “I loved the idea of owning a Void Dragon Eldar Corsair Army, Frontline made that dream a reality in a really cool way. Frontline’s painting service is awesome, painting by gamers for gamers, they showed a ton of creativity with my new army and I am delighted with the results.”   Mike “Irish Mike” Tangney, Ireland’s ETC Team Captain
  • The Frontline Gaming painting crew are great. They helped me along with every step to get my army looking awesome. The quality is great; you definitely get what you pay for!  I recommend this to everyone that wants to have a fully painted army, but doesn’t have the time (or patience.). I wouldn’t hesitate to use Frontline Gaming again for any of my future painting needs! Kory G
  • Amazing work! It’s like they gave the gift of life to my models! Justin B.
  • Reecius,Just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you guys at Frontline have done with my Dark Angels. They are absolutely amazing. Please let the painter know that I really appreciate all the attention to detail, and that I absolutely love the power swords.You guys rock! Can’t wait to order more!Chris
  • The only problem with Frontline Gaming’s paint service is; the finished product looks so great and they are so easy to work with, that you’ll never want to paint again yourself. –Jeff
  • Recently I placed a commission order with Front Line Gaming for a 40k commission of Chaos Space Marines.  I decided to go with Front Line because some of my friends had used their service in the past with great luck and I also can’t paint worth a damn.  I placed the order and worked out all of the details directly with Frankie at Front Line gaming.  Frankie gathered all of the details on which models to order, how I wanted them assembled, and the paint scheme I wanted.  It was nice to use Frontline as they are 40k gamers themselves so I was able to get input on how they have or would assemble certain models.  I worked out the details with Frankie and placed my downpayment.  About 3-4 weeks after my initial payment Frankie sent me pictures of my completed army to confirm it was to my specifications.  After review I paid the remaining balance and the army was shipped to me.  The army came out beautiful, assembled to spec, and I even was able to have them magnetize some weapon options on certain models that I wanted.  The price was much lower than any other quotes I could obtain and the entire process was very professional and fast.  The army arrived in pretty good shape, I did have to glue some things back together but that was to be expected with CSMs…anything I did have to glue back together was unglued at a connection point and none of the models were actually broken during shipping.  Overall, I would say use Frontline with confidence and I plan to use them again in the future. – Pete
  • Hello! You guys recently completed a commission for Farsight and his Squad with the banners (and later an Ethereal). I also wrote the article on Farsight and his bodyguard’s tactics on your website.
    Anyway, I took them to a large RTT tournament here in the Southeast last week and won Best Overall. The guy who ran this is running the ATC event in August.
    I fought against Grey Knights, Mech IG, and a Ravenwing list, which won best overall at an 83 person tournament (called Battle for Stones River) in the Southeast a few months ago. Here’s a pic of them in action:
    Here is a link to the event itself- you can find more pictures of the models you painted there.
    Anyway, I just thought you guys would like to see them. I really appreciate how well you painted them and how fast they were completed. I tell everyone where I got them and I had all kinds of people ask where they were painted. – Andrew G.
  • Hey I did get my army and I’ve even taken the models to a RTT already.  At 1600 pts I went 3-0 and finished second losing on battle points to an Eldar player I didn’t play.  The army is a blast to play as a nice change up from my bikes.  Additionally the army was widely complimented for the incredible paint job you guys did on it.  It  looks amazing on the table top.  I was listening to your pod cast and I agree tau are a bad match up (of course they are a bad match up for everyone), but other than that I think a MTO CSM/Daemons is super competitive.
    Best, Ben
  • Frankie and the Frontline Gaming Painting crew did a phenomenal job on my Eldar commission.  He provided great customer service and answered all my questions quickly.  I received occasional pictorial updates on the project which allowed adjustments to be made if requested.  I didn’t have to do so because their painters were “on it.”  The project took a reasonable amount of time to complete.  The models were incredibly well-packed and there was almost no breakage (the small amount present was very easy to fix and was unavoidable).  I requested a lot of quotes from several different miniatures painting service and, in my experience, Frontline Gaming provides the best bang for the buck. -Jon M.
  • Hey guys, just got the Eldar every thing looks even better in person. Can’t thank u guys enough. Zac P.
  • FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!! This is absolutely amazing, I cannot wait to field these. Guys, thanks so much for an amazing job!!!! Tell the artist he has outdone himself, I really owe him! From now on, you people are my nr.1 place to get painting done. And there is more to come XD Again, thanks so much, u really made my day today! Dennis H.
  • Got them today, great job guys I will be using your painting service again in the near future. Jason L.
  • I love my Revenant Titan! It has been a little while since my Revenant Titan commission has been completed by Front Line Gaming.  I am extremely busy, which is part of the reason I love their commissioning service.  It is a very simple request process.  It started with contacting them and being emailed a form to fill out.  After this, I shipped off my titan and paid half the cost via Pay Pal.  My part was done!  I received emails to clarify requests, I was provided suggestions and was allowed to make the final decisions.  (Example I asked for something really heavy to be magnetized in a position that was extremely risky…I was informed the risk and an alternative; it was completely up to me but I picked the artist’s suggested alternative)  During the building and painting of the model I would get e-mails with pictures of the status.  It was a good surprise to open an email and see my titan partially assembled, painted and magnetized.  This kept me excited and up to date.  When the day came for it to be shipped they confirmed my mailing address, provided a tracking number… Before shipping, my titan was posted on the frontline website and a video was taken to show it off; they are right, it didn’t capture how good it looks.  (Example, there are over 100 gems ranging from the size of a space marine head, to about the size of a space marine; each one has at least 4 shades to make look like an actual gem!  Hell the roof of the inside of the cockpit can only be seen when taken off and laid flat; yet they took the time to put 4 different colors in there to look like a runic control display!  Upon receiving my titan I was extremely happy to see a very will packaged model.  I’m not sure if my model received special treatment because of its size but it was padded with three layers of protection:  newspaper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts.   What I’m saying to Frontline and to any customers still reading is I’m very happy with their service.  They have even recently added in a new commissioning manager that i can’t say enough good things about. Thank you Frontline Gaming, I would recommend your service to anyone –Campos
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