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What is the International Tournament Circuit?

The ITC (International Tournament Circuit) is a coalition of tabletop gaming tournaments that have joined together to increase their mutual resources, exposure to the community and the prestige of their events. These events run through a season which runs one year, beginning and ending in February. The player that does the best overall through the year will be the Circuit Champion. Last year, that player won $4,000 cash! We also recognize the players that do the best with each specific faction, such as the best circuit Space Wolf Player, or best circuit Tau player, etc. as well as the best teams. For a full beak-down of how this works, read this document. The 2019 season is the sixth year for the ITC! The previous seasons were huge hits and the ITC has now grown to be a global circuit. In partnership with Best Coast Pairings, we’ve also developed an app that facilitates running events.

All ITC events must be run at a minimum of 1,000pts for 40k and Age of Sigmar or 75 Power Level for 40k. Events under 1,500pts can only ever count as an RTT score. We do this to avoid players “farming” points with very small events.

League Play

The ITC encourages organized play of all varieties, including leagues! If you would like your local league to count for ITC points that is fine. The scores are calculated the same way as with an ITC tournament with the exception that we cap the round bonus to 6 rounds of play as leagues tend to run over long periods of time and would create relatively unfair amounts of points when compared to other events. In the instance of a league that uses an alternative pairing system to Swiss, make sure to only count the the size of the event for players that play one another. For example, many leagues use a division or pod system for players to play one another in groups that are more convenient to manage. Count each of these sub-divided groups as their own league for ITC scoring purposes.

How does the scoring system work?

We based our model off of the World Series of Poker. Each player will earn points for each event they participate in.

  • 4 Categories of events:
    • In order to qualify to be a Rogue Trader Tournament in the ITC (RTT), your event must meet BOTH of the following criteria:
      • Number of Rounds : Any (typically 4 or less rounds)
      • Number of Players: Any (typically under 28 players for 40K and under 20 for AoS)
    • In order to qualify to be a Grand Tournament in the ITC (GT), your event must meet BOTH of the following criteria:
      • Number of Rounds: 5+
      • Number of Players: 28+ for 40K and 20+ for AoS
    • In order to qualify to be a Major in the ITC, your event must meet the following criteria:
      • Number of Rounds: 5+
      • Number of Players: 58+ for 40K and 40+ for AoS
    • In order to qualify to be a Super Major in the ITC, your event must meet the following criteria:
      • Number of rounds: 7+
      • Number of players: 205+
  • A player’s ITC Championship Rankings Score is comprised of their top 5 scores from the following categories in AoS, Kill Team and Warhammer: Underworlds as detailed below:
    • Up to 3 Rogue Trader Tournaments
    • Up to 4 Grand Tournaments
    • Up to 5 Major or Super Major Tournaments. The only way to get 5 scores is attend at least 1 Major
  • For 40k you combine your top 6 scores as such:
    • Up to 4 Rogue Trader Tournaments
    • Up to 5 Grand Tournaments
    • Up to 6 Major or Super Major Tournaments. The only way to get 5 scores is attend at least 1 Major

*Example #1 – Bobby Bojangles has earned 6 scores thus far this season. He has played in 4 RTTs, 1 GT and 1 Major. His scoring breakdown:

    • RTT #1 – 85 points
    • RTT #3 – 110 points
    • RTT #3 – 25 points
    • RTT #4 – 55 points
    • GT #1 – 50 points
    • Major #1 (BAO) – 165 points
  • TOTAL – 490 points

Bobby now wants to head to a Super Major event, the Las Vegas Open, but as he already has a score for a Major recorded from the BAO earlier that year, he is concerned that unless he scores more points at the LVO than at the BAO, his overall score will not improve. Fear not, Bobby Bojangles! The ITC scoring system is designed to incentivize players to keep attending those big GT’s and Major events.

Now let’s fast forward through to the end of the LVO and Bobby Bojangles did fairly well. He earned a very respectable 80 points. It was nowhere close to his 165 point finish at the BAO however, thus the 80 points would not replace his current Major score. But if you look at the rest of his breakdown, one of his scores would be replaced. In particular, we are looking at his RTT #3 score of 25 points. As his lowest score, this would be bumped out by the higher score.

    • RTT #1 – 85 points
    • RTT #2 – 110 points
    • RTT #4 – 55 points
    • GT #1 – 50 points
    • Major #1 (BAO) – 165 points
    • Major #2 – 80 points (This is the score he received from the LVO)
  • TOTAL – 545 points

Placing Points = Based on your overall finish

Bonus Points for Games Undefeated

Once you add your placing points to your bonus points, you multiple that by the…   Number of Players in Tournament Multiplier

That calculation will then give you how many ITC points you earned for that particular event! This allows for tournaments wanting to join the circuit to use their own scoring system. No special points are awarded for specific tournament missions and as the tournament organizer, you have the flexibility to incorporate composition / painting into the overall score and all that does is affect the final ranking. As long as the final battle ranking is clearly distinguished to Frontline Gaming, the results can be plugged into this calculation and we can start awarding ITC points for your event. All events must be submitted within 30 days of the event ending.

Score Falsification

It is strictly prohibited in the ITC to falsify an event score or for an event organizer to falsify the results of an event through changing player scores or by adding players to an event who were not there or in any other way alter their scores or the scores of their event with the intent to falsify results. Any ITC participants violating this condition will be immediately removed from the ITC, their scores erased and they will be banned from future participation in the ITC for a year at a minimum. Event organizers found to be in violation of these policies will have the event in questoin erased from the ITC rankings and they will not be able to submit scores for one year. If it is discovered that a player won any prize support or event organizer gave any prize support that came from the ITC or Frontline Gaming as a result of a score falsification, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In other words: don’t be a jerk! Let’s all compete and have fun within the scope of the rules.

Do you want to join the Circuit?

Everyone is welcome to join! Your event can be in your store, at your clubhouse or a GT, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to use our format or FAQ if you do not want to, but it does make it easier for traveling players to attend as they will know what to expect. If you join the circuit, what do you get?

  • Frontline Gaming will help promote your event on our podcast and website and provide assistance with any advice on running or growing your event. Just fill out this form.
  • Increased attendance from players looking to pick up more circuit points. We’ve been seeing many events sell out almost immediately that join the ITC!
  • In time, we could help with prize support, too! We are building a long term plan for the ITC, and member events will enjoy these benefits, too.

What does it cost you to join?

  • Nothing! It is 100% free to join the circuit.
  • All we ask is that you advertise that your event is a member of the ITC, and link back to this page so that those who want to learnmore about it, can do so!
  • You also submit your event scores using our spreadsheet to make it easy for us to update the ITC rankings, which you can download here. That’s it!


2019 ITC 40k Champion: Richard Siegler

2019 AoS ITC Champion: Jeremy Veysseire

2019 ITC 40k Hobby Track Champion: Jim Vesal

2019 ITC Kill Team Champion: Michael T. Holy

2018 ITC 40k Champion: Brandon Grant

2018 ITC 40k Hobby Track Champion: Lou Rollins

2018 ITC AoS Champion: Bill Souza

2017 ITC 40k Champion: Nick Nanavati

2017 ITC AoS Champion: James Thomas


2016 ITC 40k Champion: Matt Root

2016 40k ITC Results

2016 AoS ITC Champion: Garrett Mulroney

2016 AoS ITC Champion: Garrett Mulroney

2016 AoS ITC Results


2015 ITC Champion: Alan Bajramovic

2015 40k ITC Results

itc 2014

2014 ITC Champion: Paul McKelvey

2014 40k ITC Results