The Knight Joust


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The Imperial Knight Joust

Fight in honorable combat for the glory of your house!

The Knight Joust is a team event where each player takes command of a single Imperial Knight Titan and pilots it to death or glory!


  • Friday, February 5th in the main hall.
  • Registration: 7:30pm
  • Round 1: 8:00pm
  • Finish: 10:00pm

Knight Guidelines:

  1. Bring one fully painted Knight Titan. Unpainted Knights instantaneously explode apocalyptically when placed in the arena and scatter directly onto their nearest ally!
  2. Any Chassis of Knight is allowed, including all Forge World variants.
  3. Experimental rules for chaos knights will be allowed.
  4. Points limit per Knight: 475pts


  1. All players will be initially grouped into random teams.
  2. Each team will play another team in the arena with the winning team members advancing into the next round of combat!
  3. Teams will be reconfigured until only two Knights remain, and of them, one is left standing to be crowned the King of Knights!
  4. Each battle is to the death! There are no mission objectives!
  5. Special Battlefield rule: every time a Knight Titan explodes on any table all participating Knight Pilots in the tournament must cheers their neighbor and take a swig of whatever beverage they have on hand. Huzzah!

May the best pilot win!