LVO 2016 Infinity


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Friday, February 5th: Infinity Highlander

-1 list, 111 point list, 1 SWC, ALL models in ALL lists are AVA 1

-1 hour hard time limit rounds, 3 rounds total.

-All three rounds will be Highly Classified (classifieds will be different each round) (All army capabilities taken into account)

Register starting at 3pm

-Round 1: 3:30-4:30pm

-Round 2: 4:45-5:45pm

-Round 3 6-7pm


Saturday, February 6th: 300 point/6 SWC SPEC-OPS ITS

-2 lists per player

-12 XP may be spent on a Spec-Ops model. 1 per list, do not have to be built the same for each list.

-4 Rounds

-2 hours per round (hard stop at 2 hours, I will call times during the round)

Scenarios: (not necessarily in this order)

-Coffin Raiders


-Seize the Anntenae

-Annihilation (Mid Tier)

Registration starting at 9:30am

-Round 1: 10am-12pm

-Lunch 12pm-1pm

-Round 2: 1pm-3pm

-Round 3: 3:15-5:15pm

-Round 4: 5:30-7:30pm


February 5th-7th: LVO Infinity Team Tournament

Team Tournament

-3 Rounds (1 each day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

-2 list 300 point 6 SWC. NO spec ops

-2 hour hard time limit per round

  • Round 1

    Friday 8pm-10pm

    Scenario: The Armory

  • Round 2

    Saturday 8pm-10pm

    Scenario: Frontline

  • Round 3

    Sunday Noon-2pm

    Scenario: Supplies

  • 2:30ish- prizes.
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