LVO 2016 Horus Heresy 30k Event


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Horus Heresy event at the LVO, Sunday February 7th

  • Registration: 10:00am
  • Round 1: 10:30am
  • Lunch: 1:00pm
  • Round 2: 1:30
  • Round 3: 4:15pm
  • Awards: 7:00pm
  • Rounds will be 2.5 hours long with a lunch break in between round one and two.
  • Points will be 2500 using only the Age of Darkness force org charts, every one will be split into two teams consisting of loyalist or traitors. The Castellan, Onslaught and Leviathan charts will not be allowed.

Mission 1: Onslaught

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Mission 2: Blood Feud

Deployment: Search and Destroy

Special Rule: Whichever team won the first round gets to choose their deployment zone rather than rolling for it, first turn and set up will rolled for normally

Missions 3: Exterminate

Deployment: Ambush

Special Rule: Whichever team won in the second game gets to deploy as the Attacker.

Battlefield conditions: will have one roll by TO to effect all tables, re rolling results that have already been used.

1:A ghostly chill has seeped onto the battlefield all plasma weapons my reroll gets hot( this is not Preferred Enemy) all infantry are at -1 initiate for the whole game( this applies to blind test, being run down etc)

2: Gale Force winds natural and empiric gust through the battlefield, all scatters( weapons, deep strikes etc)roll will be 3d6 choose the two highest results and all cover save will be at +1( this is not stealth so will stack with other abilities) all flying vehicles gain vector dance, but if the extra vector dance move is used roll a d6 and on a 1 the vehicle suffers a crash and burn result( this is due to being whipped about and not actual pilot skill)

3: Eye of the storm, all is calm and a normal game is played

4: Excess of promethium caches, all infantry and non super heavy vehicles with a flamer type weapon gain torrent when using the flamer profile to attack, when a vehicle with a flamer weapon explodes add 2 inches to the blast and if a non vehicle model is killed roll for an explode result as if he were a vehicle but at S3 Ap-

5:A wailing cacophony fills the air, all models are at +1 on the dice to their rolls when taking any test using the Ld value, ie if you take a moral test and need an 8 and you roll two 4s you will be at 9 total and fail the test, models gain preferred enemy against the opposing army as killing traitorous scum or loyalist lapdog will make you feel better

6: The Grim Dark, the first, second,fifth, and sixth turns will be played with night fight no need to roll,

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