LVO 2016 Hobby Events


LVO 2016 Hobby Events

Draconic Awards – West Regionals

Come enter the Draconic Awards – West Regional painting competition and see how you stand against your peers! The competition is running two tracks: The Masters and Journeyman Competitions. The Master Class Competition is for those painters who are seasoned artists who have tested their skills against other master painters. The Journeyman competition is for those who are curious or just starting to get into competition painting. We’ll also have some WGC Hydra Synthetic Brush Sets and Lester Bursley Technical Brush sets for sale at the WGC/Draconic Awards booth so swing by if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on them!


All entries are automatically submitted for the People’s Choice Awards! People from all over the world will log into the Draconic Awards site and cast their vote for each entry. At the end of the awards, there will be recognition for first, second and third placements for the People’s Choice awards.


To be eligible for entering the Draconic Awards, you must have an LVO Con Badge. We will be accepting submissions starting Friday at 12pm to 6pm, Saturday at 9am to 6pm and on Sunday from 9am to 12pm. To be eligible for the People’s Choice Awards, you must have your entries in before Saturday at 6pm.


The Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday.


At the WGC Draconic Awards booth, we will have the WCU Mentors available to sit down and talk shop with you. If you need to learn something specific, come by if you want to learn something specific or just to sit down and paint with the Mentors! This is a free to participate event, come and get feedback from master hobbyists!

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