LVO 2016 Discounted Merchandise and Vendors


Get some new goodies, cheap at the LVO 2016!

We’re bringing the entire Frontline Gaming store to the LVO 2016. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase merchandise from your favorite manufacturers at the LVO, often at a deep discount! We’ll have everything from Games Workshop to Privateer Press to Hawk Wargames and beyond! We’ll also have a GIANT Bitz bin to sort through along with some stellar deals on used models.

Also, some of your favorite manufacturers will be at the event with special sneak previews of new releases! Too cool!

All you need to take part is your LVO 2016 Convention Badge.

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games workshop




Greenman Designs

Hawk Wargames

Mechanical Warhorse

Table War

Greenstuff Industries

Games and Gears