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Administrative Staff

Frankie “White925” Giampapa

Frankie “White925” GiampapaFrankie Giampapa, aka Peg Leg, is a founding member of Team Zero Comp and Frontline Gaming. He likes to think he plays a pretty mean game of Warhammer 40K, but in reality we let him win so he feels better about himself. He was ranked number 1 in the USA for Warhammer 40K according to Rankings HQ, a fact which he likes to remind the rest of the team of at every opportunity, and is also known for winning multiple Best Sportsmanship awards. In other words, he is really nice while smacking you around on the table top.

Frankie’s been in the hobby for 4 years, and was introduced into it by Will. He currently plays 40K (Chaos, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar), Magic, Malifaux (Zorida), Pathfinder (Paladin), Board Games, Video Games and we think he has dabbled with Tummy Sticks a time or two, but don’t tell him we said that! Frankie’s preferred game is 40K, and he is usually seen commanding his Nurgle Chaos Space Marine Army, or his Thunderwolf heavy Space Wolves, which we all refer to as the Thunderdome! Lately though, he has been on a Dark Eldar binder and loves Vect. And I mean loves in the biblical sense.

For a guy with a robot leg, he’s a pretty awesome and a great friend. Frankie also handles many aspects of operations at Frontline, including product orders and logistics. If you have an order you want to place, or want to tell Frankie he is a lovely twink, do so here:

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jason pic

Jason “Raw Dogger” Butler

Raw Dogger. Jason plays Flesh Tearers (recently converted to DIY Marines), he has just recently sunk his teeth into the tournament scene and has gotten the bug in a big way. His skill has been increasing rapidly and we think he will soon be a player to watch out for. He has a long history in gaming, trolling, skull duggery and general shenanigans. He enjoys punk rock music, writing inflammatory articles and being extremely detail oriented in managing out paint projects. You can also check him out at his gaming blog, Kim Chi Games. Be aware though, it is written for an adult audience.

Jason has gamer ADD, and has dabbled in many games such as Fantasy, Infinity, Video Games, but always comes back to his abusive spouse: 40K.

He’s in charge of the Painting and Terrain studios, so if you have any suggestions or criticisms, let him know at:

Raw Dogger: Readers be ware!

Raw Dogger: Readers be ware!


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Reece “Reecius” Robbins

Reece “Reecius” RobbinsReece, aka Greybush as he is called by the young hooligans he is forced to work with, is a lifelong hobbyist. He started back with Battletech as a young lad, and picked up 40K at the dawn of Second Edition on a trip to England visiting family. He came home with the box set and has been addicted to the game ever since.

He loves every aspect of the hobby, from the fluff, to painting and modeling, to event organizing to playing. He thinks he is pretty good at 40K, and has been known to luck his way into a top spot at a tournament or two. He has written a number of articles for various websites such as Bell of Lost Souls, Blood of Kittens, Faeit212 and DakkaDakka. Reece is also a founding member of Team Zero Comp and Frontline Gaming, joining forces with Frankie and Will like Voltron to form a Gaming Juggernaut!….or at least that’s the way he likes to imagine it!

reecius space marines

The Taima Legion!

Reece’s main army is his Native American themed DIY Marines. A project over a decade in the making, the army has grown to enormous size (well over company strength), and is almost entirely painted. A point which he likes to tell anyone who will hold still long enough to listen is that every single marine in the army is unique, no two look the same. He also plays Chaos Space Marines (Night Lords and Wolrd Eaters), Orks (The Sons of AnOrky), Eldar (the Mighty, Mighty Footdar!), Tyranids, Imperial Guard (Tartarus 151st), Dark Eldar and every other army he can get his hands on. The guy has a problem! Reece also plays Fantasy (Wood Elves), Malifaux (Bayou Gremlins!), Heavy Gear (Northern and Southern armies), Pathfinder (Druid with a big, armored Bear!)), Rifts, Classic Battletech and is picking up Warmahordes (Searforge Commission, go stunties!), Flames of War, and any other cool game he can find.

Reece is in charge of the website and many of the administrative duties at Frontline Gaming, so any comments or suggestions on those fronts should be sent his way.

Team Zero Comp

Team Zero Comp

Team Zero CompTeam Zero Comp is a tournament team of friends who like to play 40K at events. The goal of the team is to bring together fun guys who enjoy competitive play but are also a pleasure to game with. The Zero Comp team travels all around the country to events as a group, playing games and having fun while trying to take the top spots by having the best looking armies, top notch lists and foolproof tactics. They sometimes even succeed at this! Team Zero Comp is not about being WAAC, cheating or being confrontational, but about enjoying the social aspect of playing in tournaments with friends and having fun. It is also easier to travel to events when you have a network of teammates to crash with, and share travel expenses with.

bens2bensbens3The robust and handsome youth of Team0Comp, Ben Schimmoller (Mr.MoreTanks on the forums) is a familiar face in the Pacific North West tournament circuit with his Imperial Guard (he’ll be damned before he starts calling them Astra Millitarum) and his Space Wolves.  Known for his love of the Song of Ice and Fire series and Judge Dredd (the comics and Urban’s film, not Stallone’s!) Ben is a nerd to the core.  Ben attributes his success in table top gaming to his ability to remember all of the phases of the game, unlike some other members of the team.  Despite never being able to win any of his local tournaments at his FLGS, Ben’s had a strong showing throughout events along the West Coast and hopes to expand his area of dominance back east.  If you ever see him at an event, come introduce yourself; you’ll likely find yourself with a new drinking and gaming buddy!







Jamie (Jameson) McDaniel a.k.a Commander_Farsight Jamie is the newest member of Team0Comp. Not only is he the newest, but also the youngest member ever at 15. He started playing the game 6 months ago and has rapidly grown in skill. going 15-0 with the Farsight Bomb and Space Marine Allies in 6th was one of his great accomplishments, being a new player to the game. He has had the privilege of learning the competitive scene from GT Winner and Team0Comp member Jim. You could say he has been a mentor of sorts. Going 3-3 at his first GT (the BAO) was really the base starting point of his truly competitive wargaming career. He is very competitive, and once the dice start rolling the “gloves are off”. He plays a nasty Farsight Bomb and will always be proving to Adam that it is truly noteworthy.

Jamie lives for tournaments and every day he can get to the shop. Although he is not as big into the hobby side of the game, and would always rather throw down, Jamie does love playing narrative games. Now being a part of Team0Comp, Jamie strives for success on the tabletop to represent the best gaming team in the Bay Area. He is ALWAYS ready to throw down for a game, and would love to do any challenge match. Being the youngest member of the team means that he has a promising future, and will be able to learn from some of the great 40k players in the US, so never underestimate that kid at most the major GTs!

Go ahead and use whats above. I look forward to seeing the batrep come out!. I’ll be calling Grant out on that Triple Wraithknight list for a spot in the elite 8 next time I can! See you around.

Geoff 'InControl" Roninson

Geoff ‘InControl” Roninson

InControl: Name: Geoff Robinson

Age: 28

Occupation: Professional SC2 player, host and commentator for team Evil Geniuses

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington where I learned to love temperate weather, the Seahawks and being a nerd inside because it was always raining! I graduated from Oregon State University with an English degree but I spent most of that time playing too much Starcraft and that is now what I do for a living! I travel the world representing my sponsors playing in front of 10’s of thousands of fans and entertaining when I am not playing. I have my dream job and couldn’t be happier! I am married to the love of my life Anna. She is former Miss Oregon 2011 and is now a manager for the team I represent. I live in Emeryville, CA and I enjoy reading science fiction, watching movies, gaming and of course now spending all my time with WH40k.



z3n1st. ZigZagZen; aka z3n1st;  z3n1st has been playing 40k since back in the days of Rogue Trader and 2nd edition and has owned/played SM/BA/Eldar/Genestealer Cult/Nids/Tau/Dark Eldar.  After lots of shenanigans he finally decided to focus on his favorite armies back when 3rd edition broke: (Eldar and Genestelaer Cult, which of course disappeared and evolved into what is now his IG/AM, the Cult of Zod).  z3n1st runs local leagues and tournaments for Infinity when he is not playing 40k, or dabbling in Hordes playing Minions (because nothing screams awesome like bacon and leather pants!).  He is an active martial arts practitioner and tournament judge (CMAT, Tiger Claw, USKF).


Jason “z3n1st” Rockhill


Grimgob. Levi has been rolling over the competition with his awesomely painted Blood Axe Ork Battlewagon list for years. On top of being a great player and painter, he is also a pleasure to game with and if you see him across the table from you, you can expect one of the most challenging and fun games you’re going to get. Check out his blog: Prophet of the WAAGH!!




The Stiffmeister

Stave Stiff. The Stiffmeister is smooth criminal, and is known to play with the aim to achieve mutual satisfaction….he ties more games than anyone we’ve met! He is also the only player on the team to beat two players in the same game! His marines suffer a bit of an identity crisis, and can often be seen as Wolves, or Chaos, or was it Blood Angels? No matter what dex they use that battle, you can be sure they’ll be playing well.





Coop Nasty

LaJollaGrad: Cooper is strictly an opener, no closing ability at all. He may also have the AIDS, we’re not sure. Cooper is a mean Nid player, winning best Nids at the first Throne of Skulls, as well as winning the KingdomCon GT with his Nids. He is also a riot to hang out with and drink a beer or three. If you see his Ice World bugs across the table, you know you’ve got a tough game but also a fun game coming!

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Warboss Doug

Dugg: Doug, one of the owners of TableWar is currently ranked the top player in the USA….with Orks! Eat that, internet! He is also a really fun guy to play and his skills easily live up to the hype. Despite his old war injuries, he still manages to whip on the younger members of Team Zero Comp and if you see his Battlewagons with their signature bright, flaming Deff Rollas bearing down on you….run! Dugg is also a fun guy to have a beer and a laugh with, so feel free to say hi if you meet him at an event!

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Grant: Grant is definitely the tallest member of Team Zero Comp, standing 6’8″! He is also the nicest guy on the team, and always a pleasure to game with. He made it on to the team by beating Reece….with Footdar! Haha, the irony was not lost on anyone. Grant recently left to join the NAVY and we wish him luck with his new career and hope he comes back safe to continue kicking butt with his 9 War Walker Eldar!



Captn Dees’ avatar.

Dan “Captn Dees” May–  Dan has been wargaming since 1988 but only started up 40k in 2006.   Since then he’s collected Orks, Tau, Thousand Sons, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, Black Templar, and recently has been sporting a new Marine Biker army at recent Bay Area tournaments.   Sometimes referred to as “King of the Softscores” Dan’s painting and sportsmanship have led to several Best Overall at events such as Storm the Kastle ( and Dundracon 40k RTT.  Though his work and family life don’t let him get out of NorCal he is an easily recognized player in the Bay Area.  You can check out his hobby blog at:



Israel is a great painter, and a welcome addition to the team. He is a borderline fanatical Tau player, with not 1, but 2 HUGE Tau armies, all fully painted to a very high standard. Israel is also a very good player and a fun israelguy to game with. Israel has a fine eye for detail work and has picked up some crazy weathering skillz! He is also our resident international painter, haling from Mexico. Israel recently made Team Zero Comp by beating Frankie’s backside in a challenge game, Tau vs. Nurgle Chaos. Welcome to the team, Israel!

israel army

Israel’s many award winning Tau army!

Adam: Adam aka “Spam Adams” has been painting and collecting Warhammer for 12 years. He first got on board with 40k 8 years ago with his Rhino rush Space marines. Since then he has collected more armies then needed. He currently has IG, Space Marines, Death wing, Space Wolfs, and Reece’s favorite Taudar!! Adam beat Grant aka “Man Cub” in a challenge game with his Triptide riptide list leaving Grant questioning his ability to play the game, well at least that’s what he tells himself. He is also one of our new members to our painting squad. Adam is currently sporting a vicious triple riptides and heavy broadside support list. If you face him in a tournament get ready for a tugh but fun game.

Spam Adams!

Spam Adams!


Novastar: Dylan Mosley aka Novastar has been playing warhammer since he was 13. In his first game his opponent shot his Leman Russ’s battle cannon at Dylan and it scattered back and blew up his own tank and in that moment, Dylan knew this was the game for him. Having shiny model syndrome, he’s played every army for both WFB and 40K at one time or another but lately 30K has taken up his time, but he still makes time for his beloved Crimson Fists ( first army fully painted).

The 2013 BaO was Dylan’s First GT and he absolutely loved the thrill of such a large tournament and how well Frontline Gaming ran the event and made it a goal to improve his gameplay and get on the team and to rocket on to the tournament scene.

Dylan is also very thankful he has such an amazing wife who lets him indulge in our hobby!

Inactive Members

ChristianA. Christian is a rising powerhouse on the tournament scene, with his brutal IG and Grey Knight armies he has been winning a lot of tournaments lately. Known for being stern but fair during games, Christian looks to have a very promising tournament career ahead of him.


Fuegan17. Julian is another very skilled member of Team Zero Comp and plays a plethora of armies from Eldar, to Nids to IG, and plays them all well. If you see his Horde Orks across the table from you, hope he rolls poorly or be drowned in a green tide! Recently he has been kicking serious butt with his Purifier Spam GK.

J Mac. Jon is a staunch Blood Angles Player (and they are actually painted like Blood Angels, imagine that!) who is also one of the nicest guys you will ever play against. He recently switched to Wolves but says he wants to go back to his trusty old Spae Vampires. His mixed mech list has served him well and he is catching the tournament bug in a big way, gearing up for his first pilgrimage to Adepticon this year. J Mac is also on the paint squad!

Blasto. Josh is a phenom artist, and his Ork army is one of the nicest you’re ever to see. With Baby Squigoths in place of Battlewagons, the army is both unique and tough. Blasto is also on the paint squad!


Luis’ Avatar

Luis “Brother Captain Poncho” GonzalezLuis Came on board with Frontline Gaming during the first year of the Bay Area Open and has proven to be a great addition to the team. Luis has been playing 40K since 4th edition, with 6 years under his belt…not that has helped out his tactics much! He still likes to sit and shoot with assault Black Templars and charge with Mech Guard! Dirve closer, I want to hit them with my sword! Luis also plays Magic the Gathering, Malifaux, Video Games (Gears of War 3 is his current favorite), Board Games and any other fun diversion that comes his way.

Luis Gonzalez

Mike. Mike is a veteran gamer, with even more time in the hobby then the venerable Grey Bush. Mike plays more armies than he can remember, but currently has been focusing on his Dark Eldar, led by Vect. This Venom spam list is no joke, and if you see it across the table from you, bring your A game!

pSbyerKorps. Green plays a mean Mechdar list, but often decides to drive off of objectives on the last turn in order to better tank shock his opponents! This tactic may not always result in victory, but it certainly results in a lot of fun! Green is also an avid Malifaux player and we’re pretty sure he has every Crew at this point.

Green’s Avatar

Matt: Matt beat Luis Luis in a close match to earn his spot on Team Zero Comp. He plays Blood Templars, his own chapter of marines that draw their history from both the Blood Angels and Black Templars. He is juiced to start playing in the tournament circuit. Matt looks to be a promising member of the team and is an extremely nice guy to game with.

Dave Fay: Dave_Fay may be the newest member of Team Zero comp but he is the oldest in both age and hobby time.  It all started back in 1993 with 4th edition fantasy were he went on to win the first Gamesday Baltimore.  Dave has earned his spot by besting most of the team even before there was a team.  Reece did a fantastic interview that captures his gaming spirit Dave is one of the soundest tacticians you are ever gong to meet and a competitive chess player as well. If you see him across the table from you, be prepared to test your skills against a classy opponent.

Dave Fay’s Avatar

Skrewpa. His orange Necrons have been seen terrorizing tournaments nationwide from NOVA Open to the SoCal Smackdown. Considering he won consistantly with the old dex, we think Keith will be kicking some serious butt with the new one!


The Tech Team!

Aaron's Avatar

Aaron’s Avatar

Aaron’s first foray into table top wargaming was Battletech, building custom mechs and rolling 6’s for head shots. He has played numerous strategy games, but got introduced to 40k when his buddy picked up Battle for Macragge and chose Eldar as his first army. Since then the addiction has spread and Aaron has worked in armies from Chaos Daemons, CSM, Grey Knights, and Space Marines to name a few.

He also got started in computers early with an Amiga 500 and Commodore 64. While not necessarily an expert, he knows enough to get into trouble and has built websites and forums for friends and family. When the call for forum help went out, Aaron answered and brought the Frontline Gaming Forums to life and is staying on to integrate more technology into the Frontline Gaming world.




The Paint Squad!

The Paint squad is comprised of the founding members of Frontline Gaming in addition to several talented new members.


Keno has been in the hobby since 3rd edition, and loves to paint, model and particularly: assemble Forge World kits! He has a beautiful Blood Angels army, and an awesome Space Wolf Pirate army, complete with little Monkeys wearing pirate hats, and peg legged terminators!

He also eats plates of meat every day, is a master of the bow and short pony as well as being the scourge of the Gobi desert.






Little T

Little T is actually a big guy, but Big T, one of our regular customers, is a giant of a man. So, we we had to differentiate the Tims and so Little T he became. Little T has been in the hobby since 3rd ed and has a wide variety of armies, his favorite being his new Red Scorpions he has begun building.



Vidar Vidar is the newest member of the Paint Squad, and recently home from Afghanistan. He has a deep love of the hobby and possesses more armies than you can shake a stick at, although his Salamanders and Alpha Legion are his favorite.  He’s an excellent painter and handles many of our showpiece character models. He is also quickly becoming a stand out player and will soon be a member of the Tournament Team…as soon as he can beat one of the current members in a challenge match!



Andrew is the newest member of the paint squad, but is off to a hot start painting up some awesome Dark Eldar vehicles with a really cool technique using stencils and airbrushing. He is also a skilled player and his Deathwing will stomp your bottom while winning best painted! Andrew is also a sharp cat, getting his Master currently and we wish him luck with his studies.






Oscar is our second international painter, hailing from Sweden. Oscar is a talented artist and has featured paintings in galleries in both Europe and the United States. He is also a great guy to game with and his Imperial Fists are a well known site around tournaments in Northern California.