WargamesCon 2015


What: Wargames Con 2015

Where: DoubleTree Hilton in Austin, TX:


When: June 18-21

Why: Because gaming is awesome and Austin is one of the best cities to visit in the USA!

Early registration is closed, but walk-ins are welcome as space allows. Purchase tickets at the registration desk in the Phoenix Ballroom.

Ticketing Information

Warhammer 40k Events

*New Space Marine Codex: Players can use either the 6th ed or 7th ed Space Marine codex at Wargames Con. They must let their opponent know which book they are using and if their army has a detachment for one codex, they cannot use a detachment form the other book.

Warmachine and Hordes Events

Flames of War Early War Nationals.

Event Information: Flames of War Mission Packet

Walk-ins purchase tickets at the registration table.

Friday – 100 pt squadron FFG X-Wing 2015 Standard tournament.

Fri: 10-5 (lunch at 12:30pm)

Saturday – 300 pt  FFG X-Wing 2015 Epic Dogfight tournament.

Sat: 10-5 (lunch at 12:30pm)

Sunday – EPIC play “Big Game” Two sides section off and end the tournament with a Battle of Endor sized mega game!
Sun: 10:30-3 (lunch at 1pm)


*All tickets are fully refundable up until 30 days before the event. All tickets are transferable up until the day before the event.


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