2013 Fantasy Escalation League


Player Round 1 500pts Round 2 750pts Round 3 1000pts Round 4 1250pts Round 5 1500pts Round 6 1750pts Round 7 2000pts Round 8 2250pts Round 9 2500pts
Adam Adam vs Bryan Adam vs Frankie Adam vs Grant Adam vs Jason Adam vs Keno Adam vs Travis Adam vs JP Adam vs Hazel Adam vs Matt
Dan Dan vs Frankie Dan vs Jason Dan vs Travis Dan vs Hazel Dan vs Mike Dan vs Jerry Dan vs Garrett Dan vs Bryan Dan vs Grant
Garrett Garrett vs Grant Garett vs Keno Garrett vs JP Garrett vs Matt Garrett vs Reece Garrett vs Henry Garrett vs Dan Garrett vs Frankie Garrett vs Jason
Henry Henry vs Jason Henry vs Travis Henry vs Hazel Henry vs Mike Henry vs Jerry Henry vs Garrett Henry vs Bryan Henry vs Grant Henry vs Keno
Jerry Jerry vs Keno Jerry vs JP Jerry vs Matt Jerry vs Reece Jerry vs Henry Jerry vs Dan Jerry vs Frankie Jerry vs Jason Jerry vs Travis
Reece Reece vs Travis Reece vs Hazel Reece vs Mike Reece vs Jerry Reece vs Garrett Reece vs Bryan Reece vs Grant Reece vs Keno Reece vs JP
Mike Mike vs JP Mike vs Matt Mike vs Reece Mike vs Henry Mike vs Dan Mike vs Frankie Mike vs Jason Mike vs Travis Mike vs Hazel
Matt Matt vs Hazel Matt vs Mike Matt vs Jerry Matt vs Garrett Matt vs Bryan Matt vs Grant Matt vs Keno Matt vs JP Matt vs Adam
Hazel Hazel vs Matt Hazel vs Reece Hazel vs Henry Hazel vs Dan Hazel vs Frankie Hazel vs Jason Hazel vs Travis Hazel vs Adam Hazel vs Mike
JP JP vs Mike JP vs Jerry JP vs Garrett JP vs Bryan JP vs Grant JP vs Keno JP vs Adam JP vs Matt JP vs Reece
Travis Travis vs Reece Travis vs Henry Travis vs Dan Travis vs Frankie Travis vs Jason Travis vs Adam Travis vs Hazel Travis vs Mike Travis vs Jerry
Keno Keno vs Jerry Keno vs Garrett Keno vs Bryan Keno vs Grant Keno vs Adam Keno vs JP Keno vs Matt Keno vs Reece Keno vs Henry
Jason Jason vs Henry Jason vs Dan Jason vs Frankie Jason vs Adam Jason vs Travis Jason vs Hazel Jason vs Mike Jason vs Jerry Jason vs Garrett
Grant Grant vs Garrett Grant vs Bryan Grant vs Adam Grant vs Keno Grant vs JP Grant vs Matt Grant vs Reece Grant vs Henry Grant vs Dan
Frankie Frankie vs Dan Frankie vs Adam Frankie vs Jason Frankie vs Travis Frankie vs Hazel Frankie vs Mike Frankie vs Jerry Frankie vs Garrett Frankie vs Bryan
Bryan Bryan vs Adam Bryan vs Grant Bryan vs Keno Bryan vs JP Bryan vs Matt Bryan vs Reece Bryan vs Henry Bryan vs Dan Bryan vs Frankie


Here are the current standings. To read the standings, find the player name on the first column, and then read across the row to see what the result of their game was against the player whose name is at the top.

Win = 3 Points

Tie = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points

Adam Bryan Dan Frankie Garrett Grant Henry Jason Jerry Keno Travis Reece Mike JP Hazel Matt Total
Adam: WoC 3  3  0 6
Bryan: Beastmen 0  0  3 3
Dan: Liazrdmen 3  3  3  3 12
Frankie: Dwarves  0 0  0 0
Garrett: Dwarves  0  3 3
Grant: Lizardmen  3  3  3  3  3 15
Henry: WoC  0  3  3 6
Jason: Lizardmen  0  3 3
Jerry: Empire  3  0 3
Keno: WoC  0  0  0  0 0
Travis: Goblins  0  3  0 0 3
Reece: Wood Elves 3  3 6
Mike: Bretonia  0  0 0
JP: Daemons  0  3  3 6
Hazel: High Elves  0  0  0  0 0
Matt: Lizardmen  3  3 6

How it Works:

This is an Escalation league!

  • We start out at 500pts and add 250pts every round until we get to 2,500pts.
  • All models must be painted to a minimum of 3 colors, primer counts as a color.
  • We play 1 round every 2 weeks. Players know who they are playing and reach out to one another, setting up their game in that time frame when and where it is convenient for them.
  • We log the results of each game, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
  • The two players with the highest score at the end will play in a battle for all the marbles! Winner gets a Army Box of their choice!

We are using book rules, no comp per se, meaning you can bring whatever you want.

If you want to join in, shoot me an email to: Contact@FrontlineGaming.org

Round 1 Games

Reecius’ Wood Elves vs. Travis’ Night Goblins

Dan’s Lizardmen vs. Frankie’s Dwarves

Grant’s Dwarves vs. Garrett’s Lizardmen

Round 2 Games

Reecius’ Wood Elves vs. Hazel’s High Elves

Dan’s Lizardmen vs. Jason’s Lizardmen

Chaos vs. Lizardmen

Round 3 Games

Travis’ Night Goblins vs. Dan’s Lizardmen

Round 4 Games

Keno’s WoC vs. Grant’s Lizardmen

Hazel’s High Elves vs. Dan’s Liazrdmen

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