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We are currently not accepting new terrain commissions as we are back-logged.

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Terrain Service:

Frontline Gaming’s Terrain Service is our newest offering! Nothing makes a miniatures game more immersive than a beautiful table of terrain to play on. Making terrain can be a laborious, time consuming process that some gamers are either unable or unwilling to undertake. That is where Frontline Gaming’s Terrain Service comes into play! We make you a beautiful set of terrain that goes great with our F.A.T. Mats to bring your gaming experience to the next level.


These projects are priced out on a case by case basis depending on what you want. The more involved the project, the more time it takes to complete, the more we must charge. All terrain pieces come with a ton of detail such as miniatures bitz, and will often be themed to match your army in terms of colors used of bitz added to the terrain! The prices below are starting points and we can modify them from there. All of these are designed to go with our F.A.T. Mats and will be themed and painted to match a F.A.T. Mat of your choice! Just let us know which F.A.T. Mat you have or want. The Mats are sold separately.

Basic Terrain Package

Our basic package starts out at $350 for a set of custom built and painted terrain that will be sufficient for a 4×6′ space. This includes 2 large, multi-story buildings, 4 barriers such as fences or walls, and 4 pieces of custom area terrain that will cover a roughly 1×1′ area. This gives you a good level of coverage with 2 centerpiece terrain kits that really make your table stand out. These buildings will be painted to an excellent tabletop standard.

Advanced Terrain Package

The advanced package comes with the same terrain pieces as above with the added benefit of 2 more custom, large buildings for a total of 4. The buildings will also be even more elaborate with custom touches added and extra detail to make them really stand out. The Advanced package starts at $475. Everything comes fully painted and detailed.

Super Awesome-est Terrain Package!!

This is the Caidllac of terrain packages and is so cool, you’ll need to wear a scarf to play a game with this terrain or you might catch a cold! This comes with everything in the Advanced Terrain Package plus 2 buildings (for a total of 6) also fully painted and detailed, but the buildings are also linked with gantries and sky bridges to make a truly amazing, linked set of terrain that will make your table the envy of your game club! This package starts at $675.

Add-Ons and Customization

These projects are fairly open ended in terms of customization. If you want some terrain kits added on, such as Games Workshop terrain kits for example, just let us know and we will communicate with you as to how we will work that into the project. If you want an army specific terrain piece, or something special, just ask!


Obviously, these projects take up a lot of space and as such, we have to ship them in multiple boxes. We will invoice you for shipping at the end of the project and cost varies pretty wildly depending on the project. But, be sure to budget money for shipping costs so that we can get it to you once we’re done!

Some of Our Work (More Pictures Coming!):

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  •  “The terrain looks awesome, we were very impressed!Thanks for being open to shipping to us! Happy holidays!”

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