Tyranid Nephilim Points Changes

If you would have told me a few months ago, when the Harlequins, Craftworld, Custodes, and Tau Codexes came out, that there was a global Games Workshop conspiracy to tank the game of 40k in order to ensure their newest edition of Horus Heresy became their number one game I would not have immediately called you insane. That is how buck wild the meta was just a few months ago. However, after todays points changes, I think we can all agree that GW is not involved in any multi-national conspiracy to make Horus Heresy the number one selling miniatures game on the market. While I am a Tyranid (well, GSC, but I dabble) player I have to say I think GW nailed it with the changes to the Hive Mind. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Maleceptor +50pts: Ok, no one is going to argue this unit was super fun to have on the table. When you were on the receiving end of all those mortal wounds it felt bad, and even if you were the Tyranid player removing your opponent’s models by the handful were you really enjoying yourself? Some Nid players may try and throw one of these in their army, but, when added to some of the other points changes, the Maleceptor is just going to be too costly to throw on the table.

Hive Tyrant +20pts: Both the winged version and the walking version went up the same amount which seems fair. There are just so many different ways a Hive Tyrant can be built to punch above their old points cost, but those ways generally involved Stratagems, Relics, and Warlord Traits. Now that all armies start with less CP we are going to be seeing a lot less of these things. Maybe the Hive Tyrant didn’t need the price hike to 180/210 with this in mind?

Warriors +5pts: Now a unit of 9 Leviathan Warriors is going to cost an extra 45pts which is absolutely going to change the way these units are incorporated into a Tyranids list. I still think Warriors are too good to be left on the shelf, but with the loss of To The Last coupled with the points increase I doubt we see big bricks of 9 of these dudes. Unfortunately, I do think this hurts Warriors in other Hive Fleets outside of Leviathan a lot. An extra 5pts with trans-human all the time seems fine, but without it those extra 5pts have me looking at other options.

Pyrovores +10pts: Some cuts are going to have to be made in many Tyranid lists, and I think this is where you start. For 90pts a unit of three of these were a steal, but at 120pts they are something to just think about throwing in your list.

Harpy +15pts (+10 pts Heavy Venom Cannon): I think the era of finding two of these in most Nid lists is over.

Exocrine +30pts: This poor dude. Wasn’t even included in a lot of competitive army lists.

While I am sure the majority of the 40k community is happy about these changes that is a lot of points increases for the Tyranid players out there. For those loyal enough to the Hive Mind faction not to jump ship let’s remember the good things still in the book. Gaunt lists could come out extremely strong here, as not many players where looking into all of the wild things you could do with 60-80 Hormagaunts. Zoanthropes are still extremely effective mortal wound batteries, and all they need is a Neurothrope to help them get that little something extra. The world is not ending for Tyranids, but we are going to have to start looking past the obvious Leviathan good stuff mortal wound spam builds to remain on top in Warzone: Nephilim.


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