Getting Caught Up On Warhammer Events From the Past Two Weeks |40K Stats Centre

Still working the kinks out – we hope you enjoy a special weekend edition of 40K Stats Centre. Stay tuned for a run down of the biggest events of the last two weeks: From the weekend of May 21st, this episode will take us to the Birmingham Super Major in the UK, the Mayhem GT in Maryland and the Alamo GT in probably Texas.

A week after that we fly along with the whole FLGN to the Bay Area Open in San Francisco, Knock on to Knoxville for the Rocky Top Rumble, and pop by Nottingham for the Goonhammer Open.

Interested in LVTT Tix? Use this link to make sure we get a greasy kickback from our friends at Frontline Gaming:

Hosted by: Val Heffelfinger. Edited by: Also Val Heffelfinger. 

Written by: Pretty much Nick Dorich with adlibs from Val Heffelfinger  Contributions from: Tech Priest Dickie.

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About Matt Castro

Matt, also known as MagikarpUsedFly, is a video game and 40k youtuber and streamer. Based in California, Matt has been playing 40k for over 3 years and has been making content for the game for a little over 1 year now.
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