Upcoming FLG Events for the ITC 2022 Season

We’ve got a slew of FLG Events on the way for the ITC 2022 season!

Upcoming Events:

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  • Lone Star Open: July 23-24th, 2022, Watters Creek Convention Center, Allen, TX
  • Cruise Hammer: August 7-14th, 2022, Leaves from Galveston, TX. We’re On a Boat!
  • SoCal Open: October 21-23, 2022 (main events run Saturday and Sunday the 22-23). San Diego, CA

Mark your calendar and get ready for some fun!

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1 year ago

are SoCal and New Orleans 2022 dates?

1 year ago

Really excited for the team tournament in September! Plus side of COVID is a lot of friends jumped into the hobby and we’re all coming as a team.

Reese – any news on team restrictions codex wise? Hoping it could be a 2 use limit. Indomitus got 2 friends to hop in on Necrons and would love for them to both be able to play the army they’re learning! But I know balancing all that is a pain for top level.

Shawn Allen
1 year ago

Is there an exact July date for So Cal registration?

Ken Hudson
Ken Hudson
11 months ago

Where does one register for the SoCal Open?

11 months ago

Who should we contact about setting up an Infinity tournament at the SoCal Open? We had one there about three years back.

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