FLG Paint Studio: GET YOUR ARMY READY With The NEW Knight Rules

With the brand spanking new rules for Imperial Knights to help them control objectives, there’s been a massive uptick in people wanting to put these puppies on the table. To help you get ready, let’s check out some awesome paint jobs provided by the FLG Paint Studio!

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An Imperial Knight Castellan poised to take on any challenge that comes it’s way

Holy moly, this model looks absolutely stunning. Tower over your enemies with this amazing Knight that will both make your enemies quake in fear and in awe over the quality of this bad boy.

Want something that’s going to pop out more when you show up to a table? These knights are sure to make heads turn as it stomps all over your enemies puny models.

A bright blue color scheme on a Knight with white highlights and silver trim

That’s a gorgeous model, I adore the blue color looking a lot like Vallejo’s Blue Green along with the white highlights to really make the blue pop.

If you’re looking for a tad more grimdark though, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Black and white checkered pattern shoulder pads highlighting to accent the darker tone of this knight

Whether you’re looking to create some amazing display pieces or want to get your army ready for the next event, these Knights are going to make people do a double take with even the smallest glance.

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