Closer Look: FLG Mats: Overgrown Temple

Take a closer look at the awesome new Overgrown Temple FLG Mat, available at a 25% discount during our Black Friday sale!

Click here to grab an Overgrown Temple FLG Mat!

These awesome play mats are made here at FLG HQ by dedicated gamers just like you! They are beautiful, durable and portable mats printed on high quality neoprene “mousepad” material so they don’t slip on the table and provide a safe surface for your lovingly painted models. When not in use they roll up and store in the provided nylon carrying case with full color aluminum identification tag.

These gaming mats come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate most any tabletop miniatures game from RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons to Kill Team, Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar are more!

Click here to grab an Overgrown Temple FLG Mat!


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