GW Grognard: New Units for New Codexes

Hey everyone! Adam here, from TFG Radio, to talk about what 40K needs right now!

Well sad news on the codex front. it seems that both the Genestealer Cult and Adeptus Custodes books will be delayed due to the shipping issues plaguing the world shipping. We should be getting the books a month later but who knows if they will be out in time for the Las Vegas Open. During all this I have been thinking on what new units that each codex could bring and hoping that we get more than the two characters we were shown. So this week, here are a few units I hope to in either book in the new year or sometime in the future(come on 11th edition!).

Genestealer Cult Pimpmobile

Okay, I know they all ready have plenty of vehicles at their disposal but who wouldn’t want the return of the pimpmobile. The Patriarch should be riding in style and nothing says style like a decked out limo that can handle his royal girth. It doesn’t have to be an ordinary vehicle either so of course it will be properly designed to both allow the Patriarch to travel in comfort while at the same time dealing damage and spreading the good word amongst the unbelievers across the planet. I would definitely take 3 of them as any good leader needs sweet rides for their entourage as well. With the whole crew riding in style, there is no force in the galaxy that can oppose them.

Shirtless Custodes Unit

First seen in the original Rogue Trader rulebook, and immortalized in satire, what we need for the Adeptus Custodes is a unit of them without their shirts and maybe a cape to add some flair. This unit could be effective in the morale of your army or the enemy army. I can easily see these shirtless wonders affecting the leadership value, in a positive or negative way, of any army they face by the enemy just having line of sight to the units. I’m sure the unit would be very effective if morale was ever a thing in the game. They can also be useful in those side games of Shirts vs Skins that the Custodes play to pass the time while guarding the Golden Throne.

Doting Genestealer Parents

The fluff always depicts the parents of hybrid genestealer as doting parent that love their child even as it eviscerates them. They care for the genestealer no matter how it looks or acts. There should be models and a unit of genestealer parents that you can play on the table in either matched play or narrative games. I can imagine a rule similar to an apocathery for space marines where they are able to help their offspring survive wounds by maybe sacrificing themselves to save them or by healing them as they take care of the wounded. Heck they could even spawn a new unit or two before being taken off the board. I think it would be a really useful unit and one that would inspire the imagination of hobbyists everywhere.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know what you think, and what were hoping for the Custodes and Genestealer Cult codex, in the comments section below.
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