Point-Counterpoint: The Death Korps of Krieg should be GW’s featured regiment

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With the arrival of the new Death Korps of Krieg models showing up it brings up the question: should Games Workshop feature the Death Korps of Krieg as the de-facto regiment going forward? For many years the Cadians have served in this role but with the untimely demise of Cadia and the age of the old kits is no the moment for the line to take on a fresh face?

Proposition: Games Workshop should phase out the Cadian line of miniatures in favor of the Death Korps of Krieg line

For: Lord Paddington

For many years the Death Korps of Krieg have been the unofficial Astra Millitarum regiment. Ever since they released the line for the Seige of Vraks the DKoK have been iconic forces in the 40k world. Beyond the existence of countless exceptional models the look of the the DKoK fit the grimness of the 40k setting better then the Cadians do. The World War I aesthetic is very thematically important especially for a faction like the Imperial guard. The fact that the troopers are faceless behind their mask further drives this feeling of utter replace-ability of the average guardsmen home. Furthermore the DKoK also have a lot more flavor to their line. The backstory about the regiment and the plethora of memes that attend it speaks to a level of development that the Cadians never attained. Additionally it will be harder to justify the use of Cadians going forward as Cadia has been dust for quite a few years now (in game and in real life).

One issue I am willing to admit is that people may have issues discerning the difference in the aesthetics from World War I Germans and World War II Germans. However I think this issue is overblown and that if people are really that worried about fascist analogues they have a lot more material to pull at in the Warhammer 40k Universe then just the look of the Astra Millitarum.

Overall the most important thing for the featured line of any faction is aesthetics. While the lore behind each faction is important you typically spend far more time painting your minis rather then reading their lore. The DKoK have a unique look and feel that sets them apart from other similar science fiction factions. The blend of older technology from World War I and the advanced tech fits the 40k universe better then the more generic Cadians. The only issue I can foresee with the Krieg models is that it is hard to see those models as anything but DKoK where the Cadians generic kits lends itself more readily to conversions. Regardless the DKoK are superior in both miniatures and in background themes. While I strongly believe the Astra Millitarum line should be defines by a plethora of regiments the DKoK are the best poster boys for the faction going forward.

Against: Jon Quennell

With the release of the new edition of Kill Team, the trusty and reliable Cadian Guardsmen are under threat of replacement by the latest plastic flavor of the month, the plastic Death Korps of Krieg.  There have been calls to phase out the classic Cadian kit in favor of the gas mask and shovel aesthetic of the baby factory breed soldiers of Krieg and I’m here to tell you why the Cadians deserve their spot in your Imperial Guard force.

Originally released in 1998, The Cadian trooper have become the default and classic look for not only the rank-and-file guardsmen, but the tanks and support vehicles of the army as well. A mainstay of the army, the every-man warrior of the Imperium has defined the look of the entire imperial guard range.

The classic Cadian kit can represent guardsmen from any world and not just the former world of Cadia.  The new upgrade kit that was released this year has breathed new life into the range, with the new heads and options providing a refresh that keeps the classic look while also adding the level of detail we’ve come to expect from Games Workshops modern miniatures. Every release since has evolved the look and grown the range by using the blocky helmet and aquila’d chest plates as a starting piece.  Changing the default trooper to Hot Topic Troopers would lead to a massive swing in the visual look of the army

The brand-new Death Korp kit is an amazingly detailed kit that shows off tremendous amounts of detail, but it’s unique look and style does not mesh with the entirety of the existing range

Krieg’s legions of troops may jump straight out of the vitae-wombs, strengthening the Imperium’s cause with hordes of siege specialists who jump out ready to defend as many trenches as their tiny shovels can dig, but they are an elite fighting force.  My hot take for the Krieg kit is that this will be the default “Veteran Guardsmen” kit in the new book, but anything more than this takes away from the unique and elite nature of their force and dilutes what makes the units special.

So fellow Commissars and Commanders, enjoy your Krieg reinforcements, cherish the errant medals pinned to their chests, but do not replace your entire force with these elite forces. Remember, Cadia Stands.

Well there you have it. Now that we have made our arguments let us know what you think!

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