New 40k, AoS & Necromunda Models Previewed!

These look fantastic! What do you think?

Kruelboyz Shaman:

MouthOfMork Jul19 Details05k13

Killaboss on Corpse-Rippa Vulcha

MouthOfMork Jul19 AltBuild4j31

The Infernal Master

MeetTheInfernalMaster Jul19 Image1rt
MeetTheInfernalMaster Jul19 Image2qw
MeetTheInfernalMaster Jul19 Boxout1jh
MeetTheInfernalMaster Jul19 Boxout2po
MeetTheInfernalMaster Jul19 Image3df

McFarlen Toys

McFarlaneToys Jun09 BAHellbalster1qrc
McFarlaneToys Jun09 SoB3jcn
NECDelaque Jul19 NachtGhuls
NECDelaque Jul19 FromTheShadows
NECDelaque Jul19 SerpentsFangs
NECDelaque Jul19 Psygheists
NECDelaque Jul19 SpatialPsych
NECDelaque Jul19 Psychoteric
NECDelaque Jul19 Burrowing
NECDelaque Jul19 PisceanSpektor
NECDelaque Jul19 SpektorStats


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Rob Butcher
Rob Butcher
11 months ago

“Model reveal Monday” has gone mad!! (Normally we only get one reveal.)

I can see the “big model” being used for Golden Demon as a good paint job is very challenging.

I like the imp on the TS – I can see that being copied onto other TS models – just working out the conversion.

The Necromunda models look weird but fit the game, rather than 40K.

Michael Corr
Michael Corr
11 months ago

The AoS models are incredible! I am always amazed when I see a new Sigmar release, as the models are simply stunning.

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