Updated ITC Code of Conduct

Hey everyone, here is the updated Code of Conduct for the ITC 2021 season.

It is largely the same as it has been in the past but updated to reflect the changes the community has asked for. A huge thanks to all of the ITC TOs that have contributed to creating this document and to help create the best possible experience for ITC attendees.

When going to an event, as with all things in the ITC, this document is supplementary, not mandatory. Most ITC TOs choose to use it (as they helped create it) but it is always a good idea to ask in advance if these floor rules will be in place at an event you are attending.

Click here to read the updated 2021 ITC Code of Conduct.


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1 year ago

Hello! Great and comprehensive COC rules set! My only complaint is the ambiguity of “Angle Shooting” which seems like it could cause some issues. To me it sounded like someone purposefully misinforming/using gotchas on their opponent, but the former was already covered. Could you provide some examples of the difference between those?

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