Uncle Heff Wants YOU for the FLGN!

Hello Internet! 

Over here at the FLGN things are starting to heat up. We’ve got an amazing slate of shows that we’re just about to take the tarps off of, but before we can we need some more help!

We’re looking for tabletop fluent individuals who would be interested in joining the team to help produce amazing content every week. 

Who are we looking for?


Folks who can commit to running a stream for up to 90 minutes per week. Your job is essential for keeping the quality of our shows high. You will be responsible for keeping the “talent” on time, moving the focus of the cameras, coordinating the virtual greenroom, and making notes for anything that needs to be addressed by our… 


These fine individuals would be responsible for taking a piping hot live stream and carving it up into nicely packaged pieces for distribution to YouTube and podcast platforms. 


These are people who would enjoy helping with writing, sharing ideas for segments, or doing research on upcoming events. Most of the shows have a significant news component – so the more highly trained eyes we have on the scene the better our stories will be. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to claw your way on-air with a segment of your own! 

If one of those gigs might interest you please follow this link and fill out our application form.

Thanks for your interest!


About Reecius

The fearless leader of the intrepid group of gamers gone retailers at Frontline Gaming!
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