In-person Warhammer Events Are Coming Back With a Bang

This announcement comes via the Warhammer-community page and we are excited to see more events on the way!

As much fun as Warhammer Fest was, we’re eager to get back to meeting you all in person and hearing the clatter of dice rolling across gaming tables. We have some news about a couple of events coming down the pike, and we just had to share it with you right away.

Golden Demon 

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Golden Demon is one of our favourite events, and we cannot WAIT to see it make a comeback after far too long an absence. In 2022, you can expect not one, but two major Golden Demon events – one in the UK and another at Adepticon in North America. After having literally years of painstaking work lavished on them, we’re prepared to be blown away by all the entries that will come pouring in.

Warhammer Roadshow USA

EventsNews May09 USRoadshowMap1hjnbd

This is a completely new series of Warhammer tournaments hosted across North America. The first events will take place in Orlando, New Orleans, and Austin. The Warhammer 40,000 games will use the 9th edition ruleset, and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar tournaments will be some of the first in the world to use the 3rd edition rules we just announced

The venues at each location are gorgeous – we’ll show you more a bit later on. Extra care has been taken to make sure there’s plenty of room to maintain social distancing, with all the safety precautions you’ve come to expect. You can also get your hands on plenty of swag and exclusive offers, as well as having opportunities to shop for models and merch (yep, that includes Forge World miniatures) at every event. 

If you qualify for the finals, your games will take place at the brand new Warhammer Store & Cafe in Los Angeles. It’s opening up in June – find out how you can join the celebration now. 

Getting excited yet? Watch this space for more details as we get them.

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Rob Butcher
Rob Butcher
1 year ago

A GW roadshow was mentioned on Saturday’s Warhammer Fest Preview … it will be interesting to see where they visit and what’s different about the IP-holders tournaments.

Hopefully Warhammer World opens next Monday and we find out more about event sin the UK and Europe.

1 year ago
Reply to  Reecius

Hahahahaha, I literally started an ever-helpful comment “I have it on good authority the guy that runs them for IPHolder used to do them before hand…”

I quit but birds of a feather 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Reecius

Also, part of me wishes he was your troll account to generate discussions 😀

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