40K Game Changers Ep11: Chapter Master Valrak.

I spent an hour chatting to a super nice guy named Sam about his channel, about 40k, about life in general, and I still can’t work out why anyone would think he’s ‘controversial’!

Give it a listen!

Chapter Master Valrak is a fan-boy. That’s not an insult – he’s a self confessed lover of all things 40k. That doesn’t mean he gushes over every release, or approves of every GW decision, but it does mean that he cops some flak online. Why? We talk about it in this weeks episode.

We also cover how he got started, how he deals with the haters, and the mystery of the rumoured feud with Winters from Winters SEO.

Probably best you have a listen.


About Steve Joll

Steve Joll is a radio host and 40k fan from New Zealand. He's been in broadcasting for 30 years (yep- he's that old) and is super excited to be able to mix two of his great loves - the game of 40k and making quality radio shows - with the '40k Game Changers' Podcast.
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