Drukhari Rules Spotted!

The Warhammer-community team revealed some of the new Drukhari rules and they look interesting!

What do you think, with the dastardly space elves have what it takes or should they stay in Comorragh?

DrukhariFF Mar16 Image4pmtc
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image5lafi
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image5 1awgb
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image6mexp
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image7nham
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image8igta
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image11nbgl
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image9tblt
DrukhariFF Mar16 Image10colk

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Casey H
Casey H
1 year ago

Sooo, will the old Trueborn return with lots of weapon choices? Dev squads for elves again?
And hitting on all 2s, always.
And though losing the 6++ FNP hurts to the tune of 16% of wounds increase, army wide, it will speed up the game.

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