GW Grognard: Doing a Video Batrep? Please use Painted Armies.

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to talk to anyone who will listen to me talk about 40K and 40K content.

In case you didn’t know, I am a 40K content creator. I have this article that I have been writing for almost 3 years now, and a podcast that records it’s episodes on Twitch and we also started making short form battle reports again as we were able to secure a play for a couple of us to play in a safe environment. We are just starting our seventh year with the podcast and I have seen a lot of content creators come and go. Recently there has been a large increase in the amount of battle reports from a slew of new content creators. When I see battle reports advertised on Facebook or Reddit I’ll check out the first few minutes to see how it is. There are a couple of things that I look at when watching a video and will help me decide whether to continue watching or not even bother.

Ready to fight for the Emperor

Are the Armies Painted?

I know this is coming from the guy that dislikes the painting aspect of the hobby but if you are going to be representing the hobby and putting out content then both armies in the battle report should be painted. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped watching a video because a unit, or whole army, was not painted to a tournament standard, minimum. It’s not that hard, really. If you were playing in tournaments you should already have one or two fully painted armies. With the various stay at home orders in the last year, there is really no excuse not to have a fully painted army on the video. I know that a majority of these people are doing at their own cost but if you want to be taken seriously, then paint your army. Show at least some professionalism. This brings me to my second point…

GW even has some ready made for you

Yes, this includes the bases

Basing can be both the easiest and hardest part of the model, depending on how intricate you want to make it. I use a method taught to me that makes a simple dark brown sand base that lasts a long time and looks pretty decent. only takes a couple minutes per model. This last detail will totally take me out of watching a video. You could have the most beautiful models but if they are not based it takes away from the model, in my opinion. Just painting the base a solid color doesn’t count either. That is just lazy and tells me that you probably play the game the same way too so why would I watch? As I mentioned at the start of this paragraph, it is bot that hard to put some type of basing on your models. Games Workshop even has items that will help ease the pain of putting basing on your army. Just take those extra minutes to base the army, you already put in a bunch of time to paint it. Don’t half ass it if you want to be taken seriously.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know what you think, and what turns you off of video battle reports, in the comments section below. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitch, and Patreon pages to stay up to date on what we’re up to and when episodes drop!

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About Adam

Adam, aka Latin Gandalf, has been gaming since the early eighties and has played 40K since Rogue Trader (among a number of other games). He listens to more podcasts than any healthy person should and is currently the host for TFG Radio. He also is judges for LVO and head judges other major 40K Grand Tournaments.
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Rob Butcher
Rob Butcher
1 year ago

“bot” did you forget to spell-check ??

Painting is only one bugbear. I’m more peeved about rules eg- overwatching on a 3+ with BA (Night at the gaming table) or when folks are previewing the lastest greatest rules book but haven’t actually played through the rules first.

And as for reading every page to me ….. yawn …. that’s breaking so many copyright rules (yep – check the inside any text sold in the UK about not saving a copy in any media – including audio or visual) … that’s an auto-ignore and anyone advertising on their channel gets ignored as well.

Being honest after ayear of lockdown I’m hard pushed to watch most youtube channels. The best viewing has to be Warhammer Community’s “Hang out and Play” on Friday nights. Reminds me of what gaming is really about.

Charles Entertainment Cheese
Charles Entertainment Cheese
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob Butcher

Are you serious? I honestly can’t tell at this point if you are a real person who holds the opinions that you claim to, or just some kind of an op.

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