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This preview was one to remember! SO MANY cool models on the way!

Thanks to the Warhammer-community team for putting this together!

Have you recovered from The Dead and the Divine yet? We’re not sure that we have. After seeing those vampires, we now sleep with our windows closed and with a wooden stake under our pillow. We’re going to have to sharpen a few more stakes after today’s Mortal Realms special, featuring big reveals for:

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We’ve got Death, Destruction, light, darkness, and everything in between. So, make sure you’re sat down, and prepare your flabber to be well and truly gasted by today’s incredible reveals.

2:00 pm

Last year, a new faction came to the Mortal Realms with giant celestial beasts, hollow suits of armour, and living mountains. A new unit of cavalry is already in the pouch for 2021, but did you think that the Lumineth Realm-lords were done? Teclis is laughing in aelvish.

The ranks of your Lumineth armies are set to swell further, thanks to a whole host of new models. Feast your eyes on these – first up are the Vanari Bladelords.

Just in case a unit of aelves that are talented in the art of the sword doesn’t quite give you the warming hit of nostalgia that it should, there are also the Vanari Starshard Ballistas.

FebPreview Feb20 AoS Content4cgs

For those who prefer to raise monuments to Teclis, here is the Shrine Luminor – that can purify even the most corrupt of battlefields.

FebPreview Feb20 AoS Content5lnbkjjg

To lead your new units into battle is a selection of Heroes. These Lumineth add a unique set of magical and martial skills to your army, including the Hurakan Spirit of the Wind, which is an alternate build for Sevireth, who we showed off last month.

We’ll be taking a closer look at all of these outstanding models as we get closer to their release date, but we just had to call out the twins Ellania and Ellathor. These youthful prodigies have caught the eyes of the aelven gods, with Teclis favouring Ellania and Tyrion tutoring Ellathor. Hopefully, they won’t pick up any of their teachers’ bad habits.

Alongside these new units comes an updated battletome for the Lumineth Realm-lords, packed with lore, warscrolls, and allegiance abilities for the followers of Teclis.

FebPreview Feb20 AoS Content3ijvcbs

If you’ve already taken the plunge into the world of aelfkind and picked up a copy of the first Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords, you can get all of the warscrolls for the new units in the Broken Realms: Teclis book. There’s never been a better time to be a follower of the archmage.

2:10 pm

And Teclis is going to need all the help he can get. Something wicked this way comes as the Broken Realms saga continues.

This is a Krulghast Cruciator. Once mortals, these phantasmal beings met a gruesome end through the foulest torture imaginable – someone poured out their Agrax Earthshade in front of their very eyes.

FebPreview Feb20 AoS Content1hchs

2:15 pm

To meet the Nighthaunt challenge is a new Stormcast Hero.

Gardus Steel Soul makes his debut in model form, based on his appearance on the cover of the Black Library novel Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid. The Lord-Celestant battled his way across Nurgle’s Garden – if you need someone to purge your backyard of Nurglings, Gardus is the go-to guy.

FebPreview Feb20 AoS Content2uhjchs

We’ll have more on the Broken Realms narrative as it unfolds – make sure you check out the website dedicated to this epic series that will leave the Mortal Realms forever changed.

2:20 pm

As factions from across the Mortal Realms get drawn into the expanding narrative, more heroes rise – with even more rising from the grave.

This is the Wight King (although you can paint him any colour that you like) and he’s not coming alone – accompanying him are the numberless hordes of the Deathrattle.

FebPreview Feb20 AoS Content6bcbs

The necromancers are hard at work as we speak, preparing the legions of the undead to march to war later in the year.

2:30 pm

Destruction comes to Direchasm in the form of Hedkrakka’s Madmob. The Savage Orruks have magic, ranged attacks, and a couple of boyz wot like to get up close and personul wiv enemy fighters.

This well-rounded warband is on a mission to hunt the greatest beast of all – the living mountain itself, and they’re going to cause a lot of problems for anyone foolish enough to get in their way.

This season of Warhammer Underworlds goes from strength to strength, and Hedkrakka’s Madmob is the sixth warband to arrive in the depths of Direchasm.* But if you’re looking to introduce someone to Warhammer Underworlds, we have the perfect solution.

FebPreview Feb20 WHUW Content1c

This new starter set contains the exact same Warhammer Underworlds game you’ve come to know and love, but it includes two pre-made decks, making it the best way to start playing the game.

FebPreview Feb20 WHUW Content2q

Of course, experienced players will also want to get their hands on the two new warbands, Storm of Celestus and Drepur’s Wraithcreepers, to pit against the underworld’s other denizens, such as Khagra’s Ravagers.

2:40 pm

Over the past few weeks, we’ve teased some bits of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – now it’s time for you to get your first look at the whole thing.

Warhammer Quest is a co-operative game that sees you and your friends take to the streets of the Cursed City to fight the hordes of the undead. If you’ve played a Warhammer Quest game before, you’ll recognise the rules, but the mechanics have been updated to be even more immersive and even more deadly.

FebPreview Feb20 WHQ Content2pd
FebPreview Feb20 WHQ Content3al

You can choose from eight heroes to defeat the undead curse – including a disgraced vampire hunter, a vengeful aelf, and a corpse-eating ogor…

Emelda Braskov
Dagnai Holdenstock
Jelsen Darrock
Qulathis the Exile
Glaurio ven Alten III
Octren Glimscry
Cleona Zeitengale
Brutogg Corpse-eater

They’ll need all of their skills and cunning if they are to save Ulfenkarn, for the city is at the mercy of unspeakable horrors. From bat swarms and Corpse Rats to the Deadwalker Zombies, Ulfenwatch, and Kosargi Nightguard.

Worse than all of these are the masters of the Cursed City – Radukar the Wolf and those closest to him. It’s not going to be easy to save Ulfenkarn from vampire lords, crazed scientists, and dark, twisted Gravekeepers.

Radukar the Wolf
Togillius the Chamberlain
Watch Captain Halgrim
Gorslav the Gravekeeper
Vyrkos Blood-born

Along with these incredible models, the new boxed set features boards, objectives markers, rules, and all of the tokens and dice that you need to play Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.

FebPreview Feb20 WHQ BoxContents40n

Alongside the boxed set comes the Cursed City novel by C L Werner. Within its pages, you’ll find the inspiration to take on the murderous undead that plague the streets of Ulfenkarn, as well as a unique Hero Card to help in your quest.

FebPreview Feb20 WHQ Content1kc

2:55 pm

It’s not just the undead who oppose the Mortal Realms’ heroes, though – something daemonic is also on the way…

We’re not going to give away too much right now, except to say that this is all tied in with the princely third book in the Broken Realms saga.

With the awakening of the undead and Teclis’ plans coming to fruition, it’s going to be an amazing year in the Mortal Realms. Join us on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page and let us know what you’re most looking forward to (and why it’s Warhammer Quest: Cursed City).

In fact, if you fancy an extra dose of Cursed City excitement right now, get on over to the newly updated Warhammer Quest: Cursed City website and start delving into the lore (and dramatis personae) of Ulfenkarn.

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Finally, as ever, if you want to keep up to date with all of the latest releases, make sure you sign up for our newsletter now.


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1 year ago

I am so over excited for Warhammer Quest. This is my fav GW box GW has done so far. It wins my heart in so many ways. Plus C.L. Werner is my favorite fantasy author so more books from him is always exciting for me.

1 year ago

Those models are ridiculously awesome. It’s just skelletons, they have absolutely no buisness being that cool. I can’t deal with it.

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