Sunday Preview – Devotees of divine excess and murder collide

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It might be wine, it might be blood, but either way, a whole lot of claret is flowing this week as two of the Mortal Realms’ wildest parties kick-off, with new battletomes and a whole host of delightful carnage to be had. Take a look at our round-up video to see what this week in Warhammer has in store for you.

It’s definitely a bumper week for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and there’s loads you can get your hands on. Let’s dive right in.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSHeader

The long-awaited mortal followers of the Dark Prince have arrived in all their silken glory to spread excess and obsession throughout the realms with the first new battletome of 2021.

In Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh, your deepest desires for lore, warscrolls, and much more will surely be sated across 128 pages saturated with sumptuous artwork and tales of delightful revelry. For the truly indulgent among you, a limited edition version is also available, featuring a soft-touch cover, gilt page edges, and a ribbon marker. Be warned, though, only 560 individually numbered copies will be available, so be ready to pre-order yours as soon as they go live.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSBT48cuj4
SundayPreview Feb07 HoSBTLE389c4
SundayPreview Feb07 HoSBTEpub18xh3

Show your allegiance to Slaanesh throughout your games with a pack of hypnotic purple and gold dice. Be sure to always keep your warscroll cards handy for when the heady delirium of battle makes it far too difficult to tear your eyes away from the table and burrow through a book.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSCards81i3
SundayPreview Feb07 HoSDice5ixol3

Leading their diabolical pageant come the Lords of Pain, glorious champions of Slaanesh armed with a wealth of experience and wicked soulpiercer maces. Alongside them are the infamous Shardspeakers, who use their relic mirrors to lend a spot of wizardry to their compatriots from the safety of the back lines.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSLordofPain9xk139f
SundayPreview Feb07 HoSShardspeaker6cx72

As the elite warrior-cults of the Hedonite hosts, Myrmidesh Painbringers are proud exemplars of their graceful fighting style and stand ready to slice up anyone who would try to prove otherwise. Some take their obsession even further and consort with ancient evils to attain greater power, becoming Symbaresh Twinsouls as they share their body with lesser daemons.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSMyrmidesh78ck3
SundayPreview Feb07 HoSTwinsouls103ud

Blissbarb Archers form the Battleline of a cult’s army, showering their foes in a storm of poison-tipped arrows while laughing with sadistic glee. Although they may be the lowest class of Sybarite, they’re no less dangerous than their more exalted brethren.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSBlissbarb2d8cu3

When mounted on Exalted Steeds of Slaanesh, the Blissbarb become Seekers tasked with roaming the battlefield at breakneck speed, loosing arrows into the enemy from unexpected quarters. They are joined by the Slickblade Seekers, imperious aristocrats of war whose deadly glaives lop off heads and limbs with contemptuous ease when their lightning-fast charge thunders into the enemy ranks.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSBlissSeek37xh3
SundayPreview Feb07 HoSSlickblades2jc84

Slaangor Fiendbloods are lithe and frighteningly strong beasts blessed with razor-sharp pincer claws which they use to snip limbs from bodies as they charge into combat, heedless of the danger to themselves. A few can turn the tide of battle in their favour, while a full horde can endanger even the toughest of opponents.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSSlaangors48vj4

If you’re looking for a duellist par excellence, look no further than Sigvald the Magnificent. The Mortal Realms’ most accomplished swordsman,* Sigvald is a terror on the battlefield capable of laying low your enemies’ Heroes and Monsters with an ease truly befitting the Dark Prince’s favoured son.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSSigvald5c72o3

Last but by no means least, the realms’ pre-eminent gourmand rides atop his spectacular palanquin on his quest to sample the most exquisite flavours he can lay his hands on.** Glutos Orscollion is both a consummate mage and is flanked by skilled fighters, making him the perfect Leader for your Hedonite force.

SundayPreview Feb07 HoSGlutos0ci831
SundayPreview Feb07 DoKHeader

Freshly invigorated by the tumultuous events of Broken Realms: Morathi, the Daughters of Khaine march to war in the name of their newly ascended god. Like their mortal enemies, the Hedonites of Slaanesh, their battletome contains over a hundred pages of lore, rules, and more for the Order Grand Alliance’s bloodiest warriors.

SundayPreview Feb07 DoKBT83j13
SundayPreview Feb07 DoKBTEPub173h

The Daughters of Khaine also have a limited edition version of their own, perfect for displaying your devotion to the God of Murder on your mantelpiece and sure to start many… interesting conversations with guests.

SundayPreview Feb07 DoKBTLE83j1

Claw your way into the new battletome and you’ll find, among all the updates to classic units like Witch Aelves and Morathi herself, three new endless spells to wreak havoc on your foes. The models for these will arrive alongside the book, and they’re appropriately gory to behold.

SundayPreview Feb07 DoKEndlessSpells192kd

Finally, a set of dice in a classically grim blood-red colour is on the way for the Daughters of Khaine.

SundayPreview Feb07 DoKDice7zj3l

BLReleases Feb07 Header19do3

Subterranean labyrinths, battles against enemies and supposed allies, Stormcast Eternals in a desperate situation… You’ll experience all of this and more as you prepare to discover the secrets of the Stormvaults in this Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel. Next weekend, you can pre-order Stormvault in hardback, ebook, and MP3 audiobook.

SundayPreview Feb07 Stormvault18x3h4

The fifth book in the Warped Galaxies series from Warhammer Adventures is nearly here, with Plague of the Nurglings. On a forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Zelia Lor and her friends are thrown into the midst of a terrible plague that threatens man and machine alike. Can they escape the clutches of the Nurglings? And will the mysterious Inquisitor Jeremias help Zelia find her mother?

SundayPreview Feb07 PlagueNurg2usj4

Take a look into the Realm of Death through the eyes of young heroes in Fortress of Ghosts – the fifth book in the Realm Quest series from Warhammer Adventures. Betrayed, trapped, and haunted by vengeful spirits, Kiri and her friends must find a way to escape their captor and survive the horrors that await them.

SundayPreview Feb07 FortressGhosts74jdd

In this chilling anthology of dark and disturbing stories from Warhammer Horror, what will await you but the bizarre, the occult, and the strange? Available in paperback and ebook, The Harrowed Paths is a collection of spooky stories you won’t want to miss.

SundayPreview Feb07 HarrowedPaths84k2

Over the next week, you’ve got plenty to look forward to from Warhammer Community, including a further peek at some of the delightful things you can expect from the Hedonites of Slaanesh and Daughters of Khaine, as well as more from Pitchside Report and the Underhive Informant. Don’t forget to tune in to Warhammer TV either – here’s the schedule of shows for this coming week.

WC 08 02 21

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* At least, as far as he’s concerned…
** Whether those ‘flavours’ like it or not.


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