40k Game Changers Ep4: Nick Nanavati

It’s hard to think of any individual person, outside of rules writers and GW staff, who has influenced how we play the game of Warhammer 40k over the past few years more than Nick Nanavati.

Nick has played at the very top level since he was in his teens. He is always one of the first names mentioned when people are talking about ‘who to beat’ at tournaments, his lists are scrutinised online, and then copied all over the world.

He has also pioneered coaching 40k, is one of the very few people who makes his living in playing and teaching the game, has set up Art of War 40k with other top players, and has blazed his own trail.

In this episode he tells about the early days, how the tournament scene has changed, and also, hilariously, why his friends call him ‘the Tom Brady of 40k’.

Have a listen.

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About Steve Joll

Steve Joll is a radio host and 40k fan from New Zealand. He's been in broadcasting for 30 years (yep- he's that old) and is super excited to be able to mix two of his great loves - the game of 40k and making quality radio shows - with the '40k Game Changers' Podcast.

2 Responses to “40k Game Changers Ep4: Nick Nanavati”

  1. Jordan Roach February 3, 2021 6:57 am #

    You should do an episode with Keith Berry and the guys who run the league in San Diego. It’s the largest in the US and has built a template that other areas have copied. Pablo and chapter tactics did an episode with him a while back.

    • Steve Joll March 2, 2021 6:42 pm #

      Great suggestion! Thanks for that.

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