Will the T’au be Able to Shoot in Combat?

This weekend players were able to pre-order the new Dark Angels codex supplement. Of course, this means that there’s a pretty good chance that your favourite 40k content creators already have their copy of the codex.

If you’re a Dark Angels player, there’s a lot to be exited about in this new book. From all-bike armies to Terminators with obsec, the Dark Angels are going to be a powerful force on the tabletop in the coming months.

But as a T’au player, there’s one particular rule that jumps out at me: Fire Discipline. This new rule allows Dark Angels infantry, with the exception of the Deathwing, to shoot with Rapid Fire and Assault weapons in Engagement Range while in the Tactical Doctrine. These attacks must be made with a Ballistic Skill of 5+.

This is a strong ability. Anything that allows players to leverage their ranged weapons while in Engagement Range has real utility, and while the change to BS does take the shine off slightly, there’s a lot of scope of some powerful plays here.

Indeed, we know how valuable it is to Fall Back and retain a certain number of a unit’s abilities — both Harlequins and Ultramarines players can attest to this — but to keep some utility even after an enemy unit has tagged your models in combat is still strong.

One of the themes that often comes up in my articles is that of giving players more choices with their models and units. I would argue that, most of the time, more player choice makes for a better, more interesting, more enjoyable game for both players, and this new Dark Angels certainly does this.

But what does this rule mean to me as a T’au player? Why does it interest me? It’s simple enough: Games Workshop is allowing more models to shoot in combat.

Anyone who is interested in the T’au in 9th edition will have heard the compliant in one form or another: we can no longer Fall Back and shoot, and it’s a big problem. This much is obvious.

But T’au players will have also heard from a variety of people, including me, that GW would be wise to include some form of shooting in combat for the new codex. Indeed, there’s a lot to be said for this idea, and this new Dark Angels rule should give we T’au players the merest spark of hope that something similar might be included in the T’au codex.

Of course, there’s a lot of design space in which to work with such an idea. There are a lot of places it could go.

Fire Discipline is limited to infantry in the Tactical Doctrine, meaning that the ability is only available at certain times during a game. Such a limit wouldn’t cut the mustard for the T’au equivalent of this rule.

One of the reasons that the T’au is struggling so much in 9th — one of the many reasons — is that the faction only has play in two phases of the game: Movement and Shooting. The T’au has nothing to offer in the Psychic phase and very little to offer in the Fight phase. In terms of dealing damage, if our business isn’t done in the Shooting phase, it likely won’t be done at all.

Of course, these drawbacks do not apply to the Dark Angels. These loyal (are they loyal?) servants of the Emperor do work in all phases of the game, which means that limiting Fire Discipline to a turn or two is a sensible way to write the rule.

But we can’t say the same for the T’au. If one unit or another is able to shoot in combat, it should not be limited to one turn or another.

However, such an ability could be limited in other ways. For example, I could certainly see shooting in combat as an ability locked to one particular Sept or another. In fact, that would be an interesting way to build the codex. Shooting in combat would be great, but would it be worth losing the ability to Overwatch on 5s? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’d very much like to make army lists that explore these options.

Or it could be limited to one particular unit or another. Indeed, one way to make Crisis Suits worth taking again is allowing this classic unit to shoot in combat. Of course, Crisis Suits need a lot of work, but this would be a good starting point.

What’s more, if we could shoot in combat, would we use our standard BS or would we hit on 5s? Let’s presume that most of the units in the faction hit on 4s — and judging by the Imperial Armour update, this is probably going to be the case — would hitting on 5s be a sensible trade-off for such a useful rule?

This is a tricky one. And without knowledge of the rest of the codex, it’s very difficult to comment. But if we look at Fire Discipline as broadly representative of things to come, I think that it’s reasonable to say that hitting on 5s would be a good way to write the rule. Remember that the Dark Angels only get this ability for one or two turns. I would argue that the T’au equivalent should not be limited in such a fashion, and hitting on 5s would be a good way to tone down the ability.

As usual, this is all conjecture. We have absolute no official word from GW as to when the T’au codex will arrive, and we have little more than dust and echoes when it comes to unofficial rumours.

But it’s fun to speculate, and speculating based on a new rule in another codex is at least something concrete to riff on.

I’ve said it dozens of the times: the T’au Empire needs a significant rewrite for 9th edition. The faction just doesn’t really work at the moment. The rules and points updates earlier this month are certainly a step in the right direction, but we’re still lagging at the back of the field when it comes to competitive lists.

There is so much that we need to be competitive in 9th edition. Shooting in combat is really only the tip of the iceberg, but it would be a very interesting addition to a faction that is lost at sea at the moment.

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1 year ago

I’d love to believe, but I think when GW get around to updating Tau (who are well down the list, no doubt – I think AbusePuppy leaked the 100% accurate release schedule a couple weeks back and I for one have no reason to disbelieve him) the chances of them having anything *close* to something that Marines can do is about nil. I can think of a couple of things that used to be things xenos could were given to Space Marines (Ultramarines getting For The Greater Good with a stratagem, Primaris getting hover tanks, Reivers getting flip belts), but I can’t recall any instance of it working the other way around.

As a xenos and Imperial Guard player I’m just holding out hope for a complete fluke of a WD supplement or Forge World shitting the bed again to give any non-Marine armies a boost at this point.

1 year ago

i appreciate this but let’s ask the burning question on every tau player’s mind:

Will Shadowsun and Farsight finally enter Engagement Range with each other?

1 year ago
Reply to  kaixaukyr

Got a solid laugh from me 👍

1 year ago

I think the changes to the Dark Angels codex is a sign of things to come. They’re going to give T’au battlesuits (of all Septs) the ability to shoot in combat (at +5BS). Monstrous Creatures that are also Battlesuits will not get a -1 when shooting heavy weapons.

This gives the player a trade off. You can sit and shoot with the unit you have, or fall back and shoot with other elements in your army. It still rewards the player that caught you, but also gives you options.

This will hopefully help T’au players push out into the mid field and contest objectives a little better.

And then they’ll clarify how Mont’ka works exactly, and I’m sure they’re going to make it so you can Fall Back and shoot. Probably add a stratagem or two that does something similar.

Aside from that I think we will see a few weapon changes as well. I think Plasma Rifles are going to see a buff to D2 and a points increase to match. It’ll be a decent midrange piece between the Burst Canon, and Missile Pod / Cyclic Ion,

Personally, for me, I’d like to see them make Guardian Drones part of the Breacher squad. The reason being is that the Breacher squad is the only Obj. Sec. unit in the T’au codex that has the potential to be *somewhat* tanky. But the Guardian Drone being a drone by itself limits what they can do, in a way.

Now I’m sure they’ll make Crisis Suits Obj Sec. as a Farsight detachment, but T’au really do need a more sturdy Obj Sec. troop choice, and making Breachers more tanky in that way would help a bunch IMO. Also I think it would fit the narrative better. The Breachers have that backpack that is supposed to amplify the Guardian Drone’s shield generator. That’s why they all get a 5++ invuln. If they do make it part of the squad, perhaps make it so that the drone has to do a shield overload check or something to help balance it out for being imbedded in the squad or whatever.

Overall, I know players enjoy the concept of “mobile T’au army that jumps around and gives ground to take later”, but that kind of narrative doesn’t suit the current structure of the game. You have to be able to go out and grab objectives. So being able to hop around and (hopefully) shoot the other guy off the map, or off the objective doesn’t seem reasonable with the current set up.

But making T’au more sturdy so they can venture out would go a long way to helping the army as a whole.

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