40k Game Changers Ep3: The Heroes of Stats Centre

Val Hefflefinger and Peter ‘The Falcon’ Colosimo are an influential pair. The dynamic duo of 40k statistics. together they bring us 40k Stats Centre – ya know, when there’s no Covid.

In this episode I speak to both about how they met, what motivates them, where the name ‘the Falcon’ comes from and how they deal with the naysayers.

Also – they both have an amazing 40k passport story!

This is a super fun episode. Have a listen here.


About Steve Joll

Steve Joll is a radio host and 40k fan from New Zealand. He's been in broadcasting for 30 years (yep- he's that old) and is super excited to be able to mix two of his great loves - the game of 40k and making quality radio shows - with the '40k Game Changers' Podcast.

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