New AoS Models Revealed and Wow, those Lumineth…

I am a massive fan of these new cavalry, such fantastic and creative models!

AoS LuminethReveals Jan19 Content1d

This guy instantly made me think of Princess Mononoke!

Prince Ashitaka - Mononoke Hime - Image #126255 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
AoS LuminethReveals Jan19 Content5z

And holy smokes, this model is fantastic. A bull/horse/kangaroo thing….love it!

AoS LuminethReveals Jan19 Content6an

Oversized blunt weapons (particularly hammers) always annoy the hell out of me because it defeats the purpose of what they’re meant to do (transfer a great deal of force to a small surface area) and they look comical to me, as this mace does, but on the whole the model is really cool.


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    Colinsherlow January 20, 2021 2:07 pm #

    I love these weird elves! They are so interesting and unique

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