Warhammer Anniversary Models Revealed!

The Warhammer-community page shows off some of the new GW store only anniversary models. What do you all think about them?

A tad annoying if you don’t have a GW store nearby but I am sure these bad boys will be showing up on eBay at inflated prices for anyone that really wants one.

The Stormcast has a bit of a funny bowl cut going on as well, lol.

Storebirthday jan04 40kname4edfs

Even by the standards of the ancient Necrons, Kamoteph has been knocking about for a while. This master of eldritch devices is hunched over due to the weight of his own body and tiny scarabs crawl across his carapace – in fact, it almost looks like he’s using his Staff of Light as a walking stick. Best of all, though, you can slot him right into your Necron army in place of your regular Cryptek.

Storebirthday jan04 cryptek4safr
Storebirthday jan04 aosName9dsgr

Even the Astral Templars respect the monster-killing prowess of Knight-Questor Sylas Beastbane, and with that monstrously heavy head in their hand it’s easy to see why. You can use this model to replace a Hero in any Stormcast Eternals army. He also comes with a unique warscroll for use in narrative and open play games, where you’ll quickly discover that few foes can stand up to the one-two punch of his Questor Axe-hammer.

Storebirthday jan04 aos9safer


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