This Week’s GW Pre-order: Necromunda, Blood Bowl and More!

We also got our hands on a small number of the coveted Battleforces so jump in and snag one if you missed out! Per usual, we offer discounted prices and free shipping options.

See all of the new releases, here.

Chaos Space Marines: Battleforce – Decimation Warband

Tyranids: Battleforce – Brood Swarm

T’au Empire: Battleforce – Starpulse Cadre

Astra Militarum: Battleforce – Bastion Platoon

Blood Bowl Skaven & Dwarf Pitch

Blood Bowl Dwarf Team Card Pack

Blood Bowl Skaven Team Card Pack

Blood Bowl Dwarf Team Dice Set

Blood Bowl Skaven Team Dice Set

House of Artifice Gang Tactics Cards

House of Artifice Dice Set

Van Saar Archeoteks & Sky-cutters

Necromunda: House of Artifice


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