GW Grognard: Now what do we do?

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to talk about stuff in 40K, I guess.

Well we recently had another set of teases by Games Workshop. It looks like this time we don’t have to wait 6 years for a new Dark Eldar codex, so I guess that’s a good thing. Space Marines are still getting their stuff so they are chugging along. With the Dark Angels announcement that just leave Blood Angels as the last main Space Marine codex that needs updating. Sorry Grey Knights, you don’t count. Once that is done, what ids there left to do? Where do we go from there in regards to codex releases?

Bring back the other mini codexes

This one seems obvious. We had them in the previous edition, so why not bring back those mini codexes from then? I mean they worked out so well, just ask any Iron Hands or Imperial Fists player from last edition and they will tell how balanced anf fun to play against those chapter specific codexes were. I mean the current primogenitor chapters need a lot of help if they want to compete with the big boys, like Tau, current Dark Eldar, or Genestealer Cult. I mean I haven’t seen the poor White Scars or Salamanders in the top spot for about a week not and that is just sad. They really need that boost to get them to where they should be. The Space Marines really need all the help they can get.

New Space Marine Codex

We have seen a few Space Marine chapters make an appearance in White Dwarf but they don’t usually have an impact in the larger meta. What we need is a full blown release for a lot of these famous chapters that don’t get the press they deserve. Sure they may have been featured in the old Forgeworld books but those aren’t made anymore, seemingly, and they don’t really give you the full powers that can be unleashed by the army. Who doesn’t want a full blown codex for the Charcharodons, Sire Hawks, or Star Phantoms. What about some of the lesser known chapters like the Warmongers, Lion Warriors, or Tempest Guards? In fact we should have a codex for every canonical chapter, just to be safe.

Space Marine PDF Force

Finally, we should have a codex for those chapters that have a PDF force. Ultramarines are a good example of this. Many chapters get their recruits or serfs from this force and it would be nice to be able to represent them on the tabletop. This was you can properly represent a chapter’s homeworld being defended when it is invaded. Yes, you could always just play Astra Militarum and add in a detachment of Space Marines but that will cost you command points. The beauty of having a Chapter PDF codex is that it would combine the two codexes into one. This gives you the benefit of have the best of both codexes without having to pay the command point cost. That seems very fair and balanced.

That’s all for this week. Let me know what you think, and what new codex you look forward to, in the comments section below. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitch, and Patreon pages to stay up to date on what we’re up to and when episodes drop!

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Adam, aka Latin Gandalf, has been gaming since the early eighties and has played 40K since Rogue Trader (among a number of other games). He listens to more podcasts than any healthy person should and is currently the host for TFG Radio. He also is judges for LVO and head judges other major 40K Grand Tournaments.
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1 year ago

This was a waste of an article. Better use of time to not write or publish it, much less read it.

1 year ago

It’s patently unfair that Drukhari get a codex before one of the First Founding chapters. GW should just release a supplement called something like Warhammer Xenowar that includes a couple units for each Xenos army for this edition, and focus on Marines for once. One problem this wouldn’t address is the massive advantage Heretic Astartes would then have over Loyalists, so I guess GW would have to Legend all Daemon Engine and Daemonic keyword units as well to properly balance the game.

john russell
john russell
1 year ago

*glancing to the side of the road*

“Oh look a dead horse.”

*moving on*

1 year ago

I disagree with the above, this is quality shit-posting 😀

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