Signals from the Frontline #707: Last Week’s Hobby Roundup!

Reece and Frankie discuss what’s been going on in the last week of the GW hobby!

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Show Notes

Date: 10-21-20


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  • Next week we have the the awesome new Warcry set coming out: Catacombs!
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry1n
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry2l
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry3r
  • We also had new Warbands announced for Warcry! Skaven, KO, Flesh Eaters and Ironjawz.
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry6a
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry7t
  • There’s also the release of the very cool new Terminator Captain Terentus associated with Warhammer Day! These will be available in very limited quantities.
ChapTarentus Oct19 ChaplainTarentus84h3
  • GW also previewed new Aeronatuica Imperialis models, this time they take the form of very cool gun emplacements and terrain.
AIGroundAssets Oct20 Hydra002xjei3
AIGroundAssets Oct20 Basilisk1893k
AIGroundAssets Oct20 fuelling84j3
AIGroundAssets Oct20 Tauskyfire83k2
AIGroundAssets Oct20 Taurail381k
AIGroundAssets Oct20 Tauer91k2
  • We’ve also got a new supplement for Orlocks on the way along with new models for Necromunda.
SundayPreview Oct18 Content6t
  • For 30k, the new Deathwing models are absolutely stunning!
SundayPreview Oct18 FW Content1cs
  • Lastly, we saw some awesome new terrain sets inbound that will sure to be quite popular.
SundayPreview Oct18 Content7s
  • We’ve had a lot of people asking about the LVO and as of now, we are green to go but with a lot of restrictions.
  • SoCal Open 2020 was cancelled so please be sure to fill out the form linked above to let us know what you want to do with your ticket, please.

Upcoming ITC Events

40k ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1DanSammons1130.676 of 6
2KenKnox1089.986 of 6
3VikVijay1063.996 of 6
4RuudSteenbakkers1047.496 of 6
5JohanNicolaisen1040.916 of 6
6MikePorter1038.156 of 6
7NicolasWeiss1031.766 of 6
8BenCherwien1008.536 of 6
9Mark “Gator”Hertel1008.266 of 6
10RyanSnyder1007.046 of 6

40k ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1JamesWeston591.735 of 6
2NamonAllen505.34 of 6
3JohnSmith504.993 of 6
4ColtonHatch502.335 of 6
5SeanNasto495.224 of 6
6RichKilton494.035 of 6
7JamesDavis490.245 of 6
8ScottBouche478.435 of 6
9MarshallPeterson468.294 of 6
10JordanGledhill456.455 of 6

AoS ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1MattBeasley660.284 of 5
2Williamsoehaili490.753 of 5
3JordanDuncan486.283 of 5
4JarrettZazuetta464.013 of 5
5JaridNeiman460.663 of 5
6KurtRoeper448.873 of 5
7MathewJones448.133 of 5
8CarlOng444.573 of 5
9AaronNewbom438.373 of 5
10DrewAlexander436.123 of 5

AoS ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1RussellTanner185.672 of 5
2AdamCamenisch182.492 of 5
2WillReeves182.492 of 5
4MattAbbott163.461 of 5
5DanSanchez159.751 of 5
6BrianBlickle155.371 of 5
6RobertSnyder155.371 of 5
8RyanBurwell146.791 of 5
9ChrisDaugherty137.951 of 5
10AndrewMiller133.872 of 5

Warhammer Underworlds ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1IvanCho502.524 of 5
2GlennDean328.952 of 5
3JonathanKolson3213 of 5
4CodyHandlir294.773 of 5
5MichaelMelody275.44 of 5
6ChristopherAvalos272.222 of 5
7ScottDriessen265.792 of 5
8PeterRivera204.91 of 5
9JohnDownes195.932 of 5
10AmanKhusro188.421 of 5

Kill Team ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1RudyPertu Tähtinen650.814 of 5
2JonSao618.254 of 5
3LucasCarrón505.324 of 5
4ÁngelÁlvarez Serrano488.054 of 5
5CarlosPaz462.063 of 5
6ManuelMelguizo459.394 of 5
7JanisGilham452.843 of 5
8Pablode la Torre428.993 of 5
9AndrewTanner419.623 of 5
10AdrianPontes Serrano413.313 of 5
  • Tactics Corner
    • We had an event this past weekend, the Northern Front YYC
    • 1st place was a Custodes Patrol detachment with Custodians and vehicles.
    • White Scars in 2nd, with lots of Bladeguard, Land Speeders Tempests, Eradicators and a unit of Assault Cents.
    • 3rd was Orks with hordes of Boys and some MUS Kommandos and Stormboyz.
    • 4th was Chaos and Daemons, with Noise Marines in Rhinos, Sonic Dreads, and a mix of Slaanesh daemons.


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One Response to “Signals from the Frontline #707: Last Week’s Hobby Roundup!”

  1. Classic Randolph October 21, 2020 11:18 am #

    During the GW live reveal on Twtich over the weekend, there were people in the chat commenting on WarCry about how they liked it better when it just featured these new, isolated warbands instead of porting every army over from AoS. I kind of agree with that sentiment, especially since the rules for the AoS armies are WAAAAAAY stronger than the unique-to-WarCry warbands. A Skaven Rat Ogre, for example, beats the absolute snot out of anything from the WarCry warbands; most of the warbands can’t even score a wound on the Stormcast Eternals; Iron Jaws cost the same points as every warband scrub, yet can outmaneuver and out-fight them. I wish the game were just the non-army warbands in the Varanspire/Allpoints fighting Mad Max style.

    As to people’s whining about the 1st turn in 40k: it’s user error more than it is the rules. The game is faster and more close quarters than ever before, and there’s more terrain than ever before. It is said a lot, but bears repeating: set up terrain properly! If you set up in a grid parallel to the table edges, you are creating too many firing lanes; set it up diagonally. I know it hurts the brains of the self-diagnosed OCD gamers out there, but that’s how it’s meant to be played. Also, build a list and deploy expecting to go second. That way your models are generally safer and can be in position to counter-punch and/or retake objectives. I choose to go second 2/3 of my games and almost always win them. Nick Nanavati does the same thing.

    It also stands to reason that a lot of people are still building their lists with an 8th edition mindset, where firepower output is all they are focused on. Either to castle up and hope to shoot the enemy off the board turn one, or to charge at the enemy as fast as possible in the hopes of closing in before getting shot. All you do in both cases is leave yourself vulnerable to counter tactics and losing the objective game.

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