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The Warhammer-community team brings us an update on what’s coming soon for your favorite hobby! When available, you can buy these goodies and more in our web-cart!

The coming week is packed full of incredible pre-orders for Warhammer 40,000, Aeronautica Imperialis, and more! Check out our video round-up and behold them in all their glory.

Pretty epic, huh? Let’s break them down in greater detail, starting with the Necrons.

Ophydian Destroyers

So, what do we know about this Destroyer sub-cult? First of all, as Destroyers, Ophydians really aren’t fans of living organisms. In fact, they’ll actively go out of their way to inflict grievous levels of dismemberment upon them. They do this by tearing in and out of reality before tearing through their prey. Lots of tearing will be involved – it’s kinda their thing. Ophydian Destroyers have ensured that this process is as efficient as possible by ‘encouraging’ the Crypteks to modify their bodies to be whipcord fast and armed with an array of deadly claws and energised blades.

Convergence of Dominion

Comprising three tall structures known as Starsteles, a Convergence of Dominion is a means of securing your dynasty’s mastery of the battlefield. What’s more, a Cryptek can use a hypertechnological form of instant transmission to move one of the three starsteles to wherever you want on the battlefield, enabling you to forcefully stake your claim even upon your opponent’s deployment zone! This new Fortification not only bolsters the Leadership of your Necron army, but each Starstele also acts as a beacon that allows your nearby units to benefit from the selected directives of the active command protocol, even when they’re out of range of your Necron Nobles.


A slower, but more direct, way to impose your dominion over your opponent’s territory is to unleash the Monolith. As it drifts imperiously towards enemy lines, you can lash your foes with the inconceivable power of the Monolith’s particle whip, while obliterating any survivors with either a set of four corner-mounted gauss flux arcs or the new, aptly named, death rays! As if that wasn’t enough, your Core units can pour through the Monolith’s Eternity Gate from Strategic Reserves directly into the fray, making securing nearby objectives a doddle. The newly reimagined Monolith is considerably larger and more impressive than its predecessor, and is so powerful it’s now a Lord of War choice! Its sheer presence, not to mention its game-changing abilities, make it a worthy addition to any Necron dynasty’s bid for galactic reconquest.

As with the other Necron kits shown here, the Monolith is up for pre-order on Saturday. However, this date may change for you Warhammerers down under in Australia and New Zealand due to delays caused by recent events beyond our control. Keep an eye on and we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop.

C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon

First thing’s first, this is the largest and most imposing C’tan Shard we’ve ever made, looking every bit the twisted deity it manifests as. In addition to serving as an incredible army centrepiece, the C’tan Shard’s reality-bending powers are nothing short of apocalyptic on the battlefield. The C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon holds unrivalled power over the war engines of lesser races and can effortlessly unmake them. To make matters worse for its hapless victims, it can even absorb the broken remains of enemy vehicles to restore its own vitality. To be fair, though, no-one said that facing the bound essence of a star god in battle would be easy!

The Space Marines are also in for a treat with two new kits of their own…

Hammerfall Bunker

If you’re looking to protect an objective marker in your deployment zone, there are few more effective ways to do so than to set up a Hammerfall Bunker next to it. As well as being a tough Fortification for your opponent to destroy (it’s called a ‘Bunker’ for good reason!), its choice of Hammerfall heavy flamer or heavy bolter array offers an exceptional area-denial threat, as they target EVERY ELIGIBLE ENEMY UNIT IN RANGE! No matter which direction your opponent attempts to engage your Hammerfall Bunker from, they will find their units relentlessly punished. And even if your enemies wisely keep their distance, they still won’t be able to escape your Hammerfall Bunker’s turret-mounted missile launcher!

Primaris Techmarine

Keep your fleet of Adeptus Astartes vehicles and Dreadnoughts fighting fit in battle with a Primaris Techmarine. Armed with a grav-pistol, shoulder-mounted forge bolter, mechadendrite, and the iconic Omnissian power axe of his order, the Primaris Techmarine is as much a walking weapons platform as a battlefield mechanic. With the ability to upgrade one of your Techmarines to a Master of the Forge in the new edition of Codex: Space Marines, the Primaris Techmarine also makes the perfect candidate for such a promotion!

These reinforcements are up for pre-order from Saturday, but on the topic of a Master the Forge, let’s check out the latest from our very own masters of Forge World!

Aeronautica Imperialis Ork Air Waaagh! Mega Bommer

Get ready for the largest tiny plane to date! That’s right, the Mega Bommer represents the pinnacle of Orky aviation engineering – or ‘kustomizin’ planez’ as the Meks would say. It’s bigger and has more dakka than an aircraft has any right to have. Oh, and did we mention it has a nuke? Suffice to say that no Air Waaagh! worth its wingz is complete without this flying fortress!

This monstrosity of the skies will be available to pre-order from Friday. Now, let’s check in with Black Library to see what exciting reading awaits.

Elves: The Omnibus

Graham McNeill’s incredibly popular two-part novel returns us to the world-that-was, to the enchanted realm of Ulthuan, where the noble High Elves dwell. This book tells a tale of intrigue, of fates entwined, and features legendary heroes of the High Elves, such as Tyrion, Teclis, and Alarielle (all of whom are now divine beings in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar), as well as Eltharion the Grim. Whether or not you’re a fan of the High Elves, this is a tale of ages past that is not to be missed. But that’s not all – the omnibus also includes Guardians of the Forest and a selection of short stories also penned by Graham McNeill.

Nexus and Other Stories

If you’re looking to delve into the grim darkness of the far future for the first time, or simply want a selection of short stories that promise a fun read, Nexus and Other Stories is just what you’re after. Featuring a variety of tales penned by some of Black Library’s most critically acclaimed authors, you can’t go wrong!

Next Week on Warhammer Community

With the Sons of Behemat stomping across the Mortal Realms from next weekend, we’ll be continuing to take a look at their towering presence on the battlefield. There will be plenty more Warhammer 40,000 content to look forward to as well, and even a new mega-preview next weekend! Here’s a hint at what it’s about…

Catch all the latest news from the preview here on from 2pm (BST) on Saturday the 17th of October. You can also follow the live preview on from 1.45pm (BST).

Speaking of which, even before the climactic preview on Saturday, Warhammer TV will have another packed week of shows for you to enjoy live for free. Here’s next week’s schedule.

That’s your lot for the coming week, though it is quite a lot, we’re sure you’ll agree! Let us know what you’re looking forward to most on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #WahammerCommunity.


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