Assisting Adeptus Astartes 2: GW Hates ME-boogalo

What the hell Games Workshop!? It’s like I’m writing to myself over here. 

Have you seen it? HAVE YOU SEEN IT!? The END of Space Marines as we know it. Here I am, asking to raise awareness for the Emperor’s Chosen’s matched play needs, and in walks Gee DUMBelu to save the day. 

“Moving forwards, many of the most powerful aura abilities will only affect Core units from a Character’s (sub-)faction. This represents a more realistic form of in-situ command, with Characters acting like they’re supposed to from a narrative perspective. After all, a Space Marine Captain should be issuing orders and inspiring units of his battle-brothers on the front line, not babysitting a squadron of Repulsor Executioners at the back of the battlefield!” – Warhammer-Community

Now I know what Padme felt when she told Anakin he was breaking her heart. YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! It was said that you would bring balance to the game, not leave it in darkness. I need my Marines to be the best. What, do officers not issue orders to tanks anymore? Do you expect me to believe that the Codex Astartes believes that only certain Angels of Death need to be directed by their chain of command!?

Sure, all armies will likely be affected by the new core units approach in future codexes, but most non-Astartes auras were shit or didn’t even exist. It really is only the Marines that suffer. This kind of targeting is so disgustingly blatant I’ve got half a mind to light my Ultramarines on fire. 

THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT SALTYJOHN! I don’t know how, but it is.

Thanks 9th edition, it’s been fun. Looks like it is back to Age of Sigmar for me.


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4 Responses to “Assisting Adeptus Astartes 2: GW Hates ME-boogalo”

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    Kai Calimatinus September 18, 2020 11:35 am #

    We are literally less than a month into 9th and this is it for you?
    How on Holy Terra did you stick it through 8th.
    We need to set up a new manufactorum to process this much salt

    To be clear, I’m a Blood Angel player, I know the impact this is having on Slamguinius not getting his own reroll, but Executioner hideouts and gunline clusters was getting silly.
    I’m worried about chaplains and DC/Sang Guard interactions. Its a lot of changes but Marines have been taking most top spots in the majority of what little tourneys have gone on this last month, though.
    The vast majority of powerful plays though won’t be affected much by these though. Executioners and Dreads are about the only vehicles commonly fielded these days, at least so far. The meta is still leveling out and finding what works.

    Yike of Sizeable Proportion

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      AngryPanda September 18, 2020 11:28 pm #

      So who’s gonna tell poor Kai here?

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    Christian Alessi September 24, 2020 3:52 pm #

    All right then go. Space marines were too much and if you don’t like it buy another army or quit. Stop being so selfish for the game

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      Arctosa September 25, 2020 1:46 pm #

      Agreed. SM are so strong at the moment, looks like a way GW found to send people right into AOS.

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