New Products in the FLG Web-cart!

We’ve got more gaming goodies for you including Battletech, DnD Minis, premium color primers and more!

See all of the new products, here!

We’ve picked up quite a few of the very cool and affordable DnD Minis! These highly detailed models come pre-assembled and primed, you just have to paint them (or honestly, even just give them a wash and a dry-brush). Did we mention they’re very affordable? Well, they are! One of the other fun things about them is that the character models come with both a low and higher level version of the same model. Cool!

We also restocked on Battletech, and picked up more of the line including the very cool, double sided hex pattern gaming mats! If you haven’t tried this venerable minis game, consider giving it a go. It was what got me (Reece) into miniatures gaming waaaaaay back in the day when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth! =P

We are expanding our Vallejo offerings as well with these high quality primers. These primers can be either brushed on, or mixed with airbrush medium and sprayed through an airbrush. These products are what many competition painters use and are of exceptional quality.

We’re excited about these new Army Painter Masterclass Drybrush sets! A brand new product and designed specifically for dry-brushing miniatures. If you’ve ever been intimated at the prospect of painting minis, or are just a bit lazy about it sometimes like I am, haha, well then hit them with a Colour Primer, pick out a few details, give them a wash or hit them with Quickshade, and a dry-brush and you are in business! Makes it super easy to get minis on the table and looking snazzy.


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2 Responses to “New Products in the FLG Web-cart!”

  1. Greyknight12 September 12, 2020 11:25 pm #

    Any update on when the 44” x 60” mats will be in stock?

    • Reecius September 13, 2020 11:34 am #

      We’re about a week out. We have some stores that have been waiting for a restock and we want to get them taken care of before re-opening the floodgates to avoid bottlenecking.

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