Tokyo Tactical Tournament Report

Hello from Tokyo Tactical! Here’s a quick rundown of the way armies and games we’re looking at our recent Tokyo Tactical: Reborn RTT.

To comply with covid safety regulations we vastly reduced the number of players but even then there was a huge variety of factions battling on the day. Check out the rankings and lists here

If I were to sum up the lists and games in one word it would be ‘mobility’, but rather than a few speedy units I saw the majority of the armies moving forwards en masse. Board control was key to the victors of games and static castles were indeed gone, but I can report that we had the same results as others are seeing. The player who gets the first turn and takes the board quickly was more than often the winner by simultaneously taking their primary points and denying the enemy theirs.

Obviously the eradicators were out in force backed up with Impulsors carrying MSU marines, but other than that there was a huge variety of units and it was a real celebration of the hobby!

Event Results, here.

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