Snotlings Storm the Gridiron!

The Warhammer-community team brings us the scoop on what is certainly the most endearing Blood Bowl team we’ve ever seen, lol, the Snotlings!

Jim: The Snotlings are swarming onto the pitch, Bob, but we’ve yet to see how they plan on actually winning.

Bob: That’s right Jim. They can’t run very fast, nor can they pass the ball very well. And they sure as hell can’t fight!

Jim: I dunno, Bob, I think those two hulking Trolls and that pair of Pump Wagons would beg to differ…

Get ready, sports fans, as we’re about to take a look at how the new Snotling team plays! But before we do, we need to introduce a few new rules that really help to set them apart from their (much) larger peers. First up are two brand-new Extraordinary skills that Snotling teams make use of – Disposable and Swarming – both of which represent the rather unorthodox playing style of the diminutive creatures…

But there’s more to it than that – the Disposable skill will likely mean that your Team Value will be considerably lower than those of your opponents, giving you plenty of potential when it comes to Inducements – Morg ‘n’ Thorg, anyone? In fact, there are three brand-new Inducements that feature in Issue 10 of Spike! Journal that are just perfect for Snotling teams, though some other teams can use them too. One of the best is Riotous Rookies, which enables you to sneak extra Journeyman players onto your roster for the game!

If you were wondering why the Crud Creek Nosepickers set includes 20 players, that’s why! At only 100,000 gold pieces, you’ll find that you’re able to use this Inducement in most of your games by virtue of the saving you’ll make on your Team Value, due to the Disposable skill your standard Snotling players have.

The Roster

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the players available to a Snotling team and see how they shape up…

The answer is, of course, poorly! By their very nature, Snotlings are not very fast, and they’re so tiny that even Goblins, Halflings, and Skinks can push them around. Nevertheless, there are a number of key areas of the game in which the Snotling team excels – in some cases, beyond that of any other team.


With many of your players costing no more than 20,000 gold pieces each, your team can easily start any game – be it a one-off match, tournament or league – with a full team of 16 players and plenty of re-rolls. Thanks to the Swarming skill, and with your numbers potentially boosted by up to 7 additional players from Riotous Rookies, you’ll outnumber your opponent before each Kick-off (initially at least!) and, Nuffle willing, you shouldn’t need to worry about running low on players either.

Hitting Power

Yes, really! There aren’t many teams that can field up to four Strength 5 players with Mighty Blow, but between a pair of Trolls and two Pump Wagons, the Snotlings can do just that. Of course, as they’re Secret Weapons, you may only be able to field the Pump Wagons once each before they get sent off. However, if you’re receiving the Kick-off at the start of the game, consider going all-in and trying to take out as many opposing players as possible to give yourself even more of a numerical advantage for the rest of the game. If you’re worried about over-committing too early, you can always invest some of your Inducements (which you should have plenty of) in a discounted Bribe or two to keep them around for another rampage later in the game!


With their Agility of 3 combined with the Dodge, Stunty, and Titchy skills, Snotlings will usually pass Dodge rolls on 2+, with a re-roll. This offers you a freedom of movement that would make even the most nimble Wardancer green(er) with envy. Alternatively, your Fun-hoppas can simply bound over the heads of opposing players instead of Dodging past them! Not only that, but many of your players have Side Step as standard, so you can utilise the full width of the wide zones with minimal risk of being shoved off the pitch. Using Side Step will also mean that even if your opponent manages to knock your player down, unless they also manage to KO or injure them, you can place them into more awkward positions for your opponent.

One-turn Touchdowns

The inclusion of a Troll or two opens up the possibility of them throwing a player with the Right Stuff skill. If the player being thrown already has the ball and hasn’t moved yet, a successful landing may mean they’re able to leg it into the end zone! Try to use your Stilty Runnas for this play, as their Sprint skill may be the difference between reaching the safety of the end zone or falling short. Though it’s hard to pull off, this trick is very difficult to counter. Of course, at a pinch, you can even use your Snotlings as expendable living ammunition to knock over the ball-carrier with a well-placed throw!

If you thought Snotlings are just a fun, silly team that will lose half their players to being squished in every game, you’d be absolutely right! However, the team’s rules have also been cunningly designed to accommodate just that, enabling them to mix it with just about any team. If you want to learn more about the Snotling team, including their full rules and some of their strongest plays, be sure to pre-order Issue 10 of Spike! Journal this weekend. And, of course, you’ll also be able to pick up the Crud Creek Nosepickers themselves while you’re at it, as well as their pitch and more! Until then, now you’ve seen the team roster, let us know how you plan to field them on the Blood Bowl Facebook page.

Bob: I’ll be honest, Jim. After that bloodbath, I didn’t expect the last players standing to be Snotlings.

Jim: Well, you’re forgetting quite how many Snotling players are still laying strewn out on the pitch as well, Bob – many of them in separate pieces.

Bob: A win’s a win, Jim. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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  1. AngryPanda August 20, 2020 8:58 am #

    Ok, these just lock gorgeously dumb in all the right ways.

    • Reecius August 20, 2020 9:37 am #

      Right?! Haha, that was my take on them as well.

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