Sunday Preview: Return to the Underworlds

We’ve got some cool new products on the way from GW in the next weeks! This comes to us via the Warhammer-community page.

What’s on the way next week? Join us for a Sunday Preview – but first, watch This Week in Warhammer for the highlights.

Return to the Underworlds

Beastgrave is about to get even bloodier as a pair of new warbands enter the living mountain! Morgok’s Krushas and Morgwaeth’s Blade-coven each offer new play styles and gaming possibilities, as well as some stunning models. We’ll be previewing both warbands in detail throughout next week, so stay tuned! 

What’s more, each of these expansion sets will feature new universal cards usable by any warband, and we’ll be giving you free downloadable rules for using the models in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar collections! We’ll also be bringing you in-depth painting guides to help you get your warbands on the tabletop and looking great. 

Both expansions will also be getting some nifty accessories too – after all, you can never have enough dice!

Keeper of the Dungeons

Forge World, meanwhile, will be releasing the Keeper of the Dungeons this Friday. It’s a great way to add some serious orcish muscle to your Evil army and a brilliant collector’s piece for fans of The Hobbit™ Motion Picture Trilogy. 

More from Black Library

Next weekend will also see a pair of books released from Black Library. A new edition of The Buried Dagger allows you to grab the thrilling final book in the Horus Heresy series in paperback, while John French’s Divination expands his gripping Horusian Wars series with short stories around Inquisitor Covenant’s acolytes.

Power Up (and Down)

If you’re a Warhammer 40,000 fan eager to kick off your Crusade force, we have good news – this week will bring updated Power Levels for every unit in the game! Keep an eye out for them in the week – we’ll also be making them available in Warhammer 40,000: The App very soon.

Next Horus Heresy Character Series book

This week will see Black Library fans get their first glimpse at the next Horus Heresy Character Series book, focusing on a shadowy figure who sought to bring order to his homeworld at any cost. We’ll reveal just who we’re talking about later this week…

Warhammer Live

We’ll be entertaining you all week with new content on Warhammer Live – check out the schedule to find out what you can watch and when to tune in! 

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