The Occurrence at Gobin’s Forge: A Narrative Campaign

Hello everyone,

Lord Paddington here! With the release of the new narrative crusade rules a few friends and I are getting together a small campaign to try them out.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be playing and streaming the campaign games on Steel City Legion’s Twitch stream. Without further ado let’s introduce the campaign and the armies:


Gobin’s forge is the personal fortress of the eponymous Inquisitor Lord Gobin. Located near the Cicatrix Maledictum, the planet is awash with refugees fleeing nearby systems. Due to this chaos the population of its capital city (St. Ignace Forge has grown considerably. Three months prior to this campaign starting all communication with the system was lost. Suddenly, Imperium observers in Imperium Sanctus witnessed a momentary crack in Cicatrix Maledictum flash into being. A narrow spidery trail snaked out, breaking through the chaotic barrier, and establishing a durable corridor through to Imperium Sanctus. Quickly responding the Imperium of Man dispatched a detachment of Minotaurs, including Asterion Moloch to secure the passageway and investigate its cause. 

The Minotaurs arrived from their tumultuous journey to see it was not just the Imperium who noticed the breach. Shadowy returns consistent with a sizeable force of Night Lord ships echoed through the system. Additionally, a squadron of Death Guard vessels slithered from the warp. But there was one glimmer of hope for Moloch’s men. A beleaguered force of Blood Angels are already in orbit, but lack the manpower to defend the whole planet. Perceiving the passageway as an act of divine deliverance this lost fleet had made all haste for the breach shortly after it opened. However, the Blood Angels reported that their hails were going unanswered by any forces on the planet, oddly the usual system defense monitors and stations all appeared to be abandoned. 

Firing their engines, the Minotaurs turned toward the planet as the forces of chaos likewise picked up speed. The race for the forge was on.

Dramatis Personae

The Blood Angels

Captain Caravello and his strike force have been trapped in the Nihilus for an indeterminate length of time and are by now considered “lost” by the larger chapter.  With their remaining ships damaged beyond repair they made a desperate gamble. Upon registering something of note on their augers and they made their way to the  Gobin’s forge in search or respite and some answers.  

Hope of escape may be lost but duty still remains to find and exterminate enemies of the Imperium

The Minotaurs

Asterion Moloch was contacted shortly after the chapter fleet arrived in Terra by the High Lords for a vital mission to locate, and if possible, secure Inquisitor Gobin for the information he may know. The chapter, still crippled from the Geneseed corruption from Nugle’s Plaguefleet, required more time on Terra to secure fresh stock. Moloch, never being one to question the High Lords took an able body force of his elite troopers to Gobin’s Forge while the bulk of the chapter regroups at Terra.

The Death Guard

Contagion Lord Rottencrotch’s viscous, rheumy eyes gazed upon the Imperium world of Gobin’s Forge, from the observation dome of his battle barge, the Festered Heart. Soon his forces would descend upon the world, bringing the fetid blessings of father Nurgle to the undeserving masses of the false emperor of mankind.

His “allies” the Night Lords were also preparing their own forces for planet-fall. “They would be useful enough.” Mused Rottencrotch, but even his diseased ravaged brain was not foolish enough to trust them. He knew they had their own agenda and schemes in the works, just as his plans for the eventual end of their alliance was already underway, but that was for a later date.

More pressing were the forces that the foolish Imperium had managed muster to defend Gobin’s Forge, his fevered diviners had glimpsed Blood Angels and Minotaur battle groups, coming to the aid of the doomed world. “No matter.” Thought Rottencrotch, let them come, for it gave him and his battle brothers the chance to visit the seeping, puss filled truth upon them. How high would his standing be with his fellow Poxmongers, and Father Nurgle himself, if he could break his former brothers in battle, and secure this world.  Once Gobin’s Forge was his, they could begin creating more daemon engines, marshal his fellow Poxmongers, and begin a grand campaign of conquest, bring the boundless blessings of Nurgle to an entire galactic sector! Rottencrotch’s scabrous mouth parted in a grin, reveling blackened, rotted teeth. “It begins here!” With that thought still echoing in his mind, he turned and strode forth to the teleportarium.

The Night Lords

Acting on orders from Lord Ashtonax, elements of the Night Lords ancient 9th Company have trickled into the system. Nominally under the command of Consul Hectorix, the sorcerer is shadowed by the former chaplain Prizrak and the shadowy Claw Lord Ormz’archat the Grimm. Lord Ashtonax charged his warriors with securing the planet ahead of his arrival speaking of visions portending a weapon of “Power and Stillness”. Such visions have also been shared by Consul Hectorix, though he lacks the certainty of his master.

The Night Lords were surprised to see other forces upon entering the system. Recognizing the corrupted remains of ships he had served alongside during the heresy, Consul Hectorix struck a bargain with the forces of the XIV legion to drive out the imperials.

Wrap Up

In the coming weeks we will have streamed games and a summary of the story as it progresses. When the wrap up comes I hope to get my fellow player’s opinions about the new crusade rules and the campaign in general. When the campaign finishes I hope to get my fellow player’s opinions about the new crusade rules and the campaign in general. Stay tuned!

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  1. Rob Butcher August 8, 2020 12:07 am #

    A narrative, or advert, without any background / data / army lists.

    Any numbers ? size of force, reinforcements etc?

    There are lots of podcasts, but this article doesn’t help me decide to watch this one.

    • Lord Paddington August 8, 2020 4:44 am #

      Thanks for the comment, I was trying to find a way to keep the article itself short. More details will come each round so the next one will cover campaign mechanics and hopefully army compositions as well as streams of the first games.

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