The General’s Handbook 2020: What’s in the Book?

Wowow, we’re getting a deluge of information today about awesome new stuff for the GW enthusiast. Here’s a preview of what’s in the upcoming General’s Handbook! And remember, you can order this from Frontline Gaming through our web-cart at discounted prices!

A new year of gaming in the Mortal Realms awaits! The General’s Handbook 2020 is back on track, with this year’s essential annual for gamers of all stripes on pre-order this weekend. But just what will you find in the new edition? Today, we’re going to find out…

The Contents Page

This year’s General’s Handbook is as packed as ever with good stuff – just take a peek at that contents page!

We’ll be taking a look into some of the content above in more detail later in the week – but first, a chat with the team behind the book.

Multiplayer Battles

Exciting, eh? It’s hard to choose what the best part of this year’s General’s Handbook is, but one change that’s sure to affect every player is the new multiplayer rules. In Coalition of Death, three or more players can take part in thrilling team games, where they compete as unified groups called coalitions. If you’re looking to fight legendary battles where your bonds of friendship are just as important as your army, this could be the game for you!

Coalition of Death is designed for all three types of play – you can, for instance, use the open play rules to generate thrilling multiplayer battleplans. Matched play gamers, meanwhile, can look forward to an expanded set of rules that ensure their Coalitions of Death are as balanced as possible. Indeed, there’s a whole new Coalition Matrix designed to determine the strength of your alliance. Here it is – get planning!

Armies that are close allies will be able to coordinate better in battle, while more fractious groupings (such as a desperate coalition between the Slaves to Darkness and the Ossiarch Bonereapers) will treat each other as enemy units for the purposes of movement. These alliances cut across the Grand Alliances and are based on a faction’s lore; the Fyreslayers, for instance, will fight with pretty much anyone, but don’t trust aelves much. Likewise, the Ironjawz will team up with most factions, while the followers of Chaos will rarely, if ever, battle alongside their mortal enemies in Order. 

If you’re looking for a twist on your regular games, or a fun theme for an event at your club or with some friends, Coalition of Death will be brilliant for you! 

We’ll be back later in the week with more previews into this essential gaming tome. Make sure to pre-order the General’s Handbook this weekend, and let us know what you’re most excited about trying out over on our Facebook pageInstagram and Twitter!

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