Lumineth Realm-lords – Beyond the Box

The Warhammer-community team brings us more info on the awesome Lumineth Realm-lords that will be up for pre-order this weekend. You can grab them from us at a discount!

Tomorrow, the Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set goes on pre-order, bringing a shining new faction into the Mortal Realms and giving you the chance to forge an aelven army resplendent in glories unseen since the days of Ulthuan. The set is pretty cool – and it’s just the beginning. As we look ahead to a bright future for aelves, we’re showing you just how you’ll be able to take your next steps.

Every Model for Every Fan

First up, some good news for everyone. No model in the Lumineth Realm-lords set is exclusive, timed or otherwise – you’ll be able to get the same excellent kits from the box when they’re released in full later in the year, more on that below! 

This means that if you miss out on the Army Set, you won’t be losing out on any miniatures. Meanwhile, if you’re lucky enough to secure a box, you’ll find reinforcing your army simple. 

A Massive Wave of New Releases

And that’s just the start of it. The Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set is the spearhead for a much larger range of models that will be released later this year. While we can’t reveal when just yet, we’re happy to say you won’t be waiting too long for the rest of your army. This release will include all manner of awesome stuff, from invaluable line troops like Vanari Auralan Sentinels…

…to bold warriors of the aelementiri, like the Alarith Stoneguard and Stonemage, offering you even more gorgeous plastic kits to build and more tactical options for your forces!

And that’s not to mention Alarith Spirit of the Mountain – a colossal and customisable kit that also lets you build Avalenor, the Stoneheart King! 

Even if you’re not intending to collect a full army of Lumineth Realm-lords, there are models in the upcoming range that are worth picking up just for the pure pleasure of painting them. Take the Scinari Cathallar. This model isn’t just an invaluable Wizard for your forces, but a glorious project for a painter looking to push their skills, packed with texture, character and dynamism.

And, of course, no look at the Lumineth Realm-lords would be complete without another peek at Teclis himself. This stunning model is truly worthy of this legendary archmage’s new, godlike status, and a must-have for longtime fans of the character, hobbyists looking for a rewarding build or players seeking to master his deadly rules. 

The future is bright for the Lumineth! Kick off your collection tomorrow by pre-ordering the Army Set. Want to learn more? From army rules, to art, to a peek inside the box, we’ve been previewing this new army all week – check them out to learn more. 

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