Realm Lord and Reanimators!

The Warhammer-community team brings us news on the new Lumineth Realm Lords for Age of Sigmar and the cool looking Necron Canoptek Reanimator.

Indomitus Focus: The Canoptek Reanimator

Looks like the Crypteks have been working overtime! This past weekend was fortuitous for the dynastic Overlords of the Necrons, bringing them a host of newly revealed units that will be included the incredible Indomitus boxed set and beyond. 

As any fan of Necron lore can tell you (or anyone who’s played with or against them on the tabletop!) you can’t keep a good Necron down. Take out a Necron Warrior, and chances are he’ll be back on his mechanical feet in a week or so. However, sometimes an Overlord in a hurry needs to give his troops a hand up – which is where the Canoptek Reanimator comes in.

Like many Canoptek constructs, these repair units are created by the Crypteks to keep the tomb worlds and their armies in tip-top shape – whether they’re taking a well-deserved rest or scourging the universe of any upstart civilisations who’ve moved in over the millennia. On the battlefield, you’ll find your Canoptek Reanimators the perfect accompaniment to your valuable troops, helping you nail those all-important Reanimation Protocol rolls. Just imagine pairing some with a phalanx of Lychguard…

As you’d expect for something with claws that big, the Canoptek Reanimator is no slouch in combat. It’s capable of skewering any unfortunate Space Marines that mistake your support units for a vulnerable spot in your line. Ranged attacks also allow you to deanimate foes as quickly as you reanimate friends!

We’ll be taking a closer look at the rest of the units from Indomitus, and the rules from the boxed set, in the coming weeks! In the meantime, join us across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and with #New40K to let us know how you’ll be using this terrifying construct.

Still hungry for more from Indomitus? You can check out the full contents of the set in our preview.

Lumineth Realm-lords – What’s in the Army Set?

The time of the Lumineth Realm-lords is dawning! Very soon, you’ll have the chance to kick off your own collection of light-powered aelves with a brand new Army Set – a jam-packed box of goodies that gives you pretty much everything you need to muster your forces. Today, we’re bringing you the next best thing to cracking open a copy yourself, with an in-depth look at what you’ll find in the box…

The Battletome

It’s not every day that a whole new Warhammer faction comes along. To help commemorate this momentous occasion, each Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set features a special edition version of the battletome featuring gilt page edges and full art on both sides, allowing you to gaze in awe upon that incredible cover!

Just think what a treasure this will be for your aelf collection – it’d probably look at home on a shelf full of Teclis’ arcane tomes. As for what’s inside, you’ll get the full, unabridged and extremely awesome Lumineth Realm-lords army book, with lore, rules and more.  We’ll be previewing it all in detail throughout the week, so be sure to check back every day!

The Models!

What’s a Warhammer army without models?* The Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set is packed with full, customisable kits for some key units – the Vanari Auralan Wardens and Vanari Dawnriders – led by the breathtakingly awesome Light of Eltharion. 

These sets are the same ones you’ll be able to pick up separately later, meaning when the time comes to reinforce your shining host, you’ll find doing so simple! These plastic kits are packed with options for personalising and equipping your troops, with interchangeable heads, gear options, accessories and optional unit champions, meaning you’re free to make your legion look just how you like it. Look at those sprues!

Heck, if you’re one of those mavericks who can’t resist chopping and swapping your models to create some incredible conversions, you’ll love these kits. Imagine what you could do by combining them with the rest of the aelf range…

These models don’t just look great, with a leader in the Light of Eltharion and two Battleline choices, you’ll have the makings of a nifty 1000 point army and a great little skirmish force for your first few games. Remember, White Dwarf 454 contains rules for Lumineth Realm-lords in Warcry – why not use your set as the basis for a mini campaign with anyone you’re in lockdown with before expanding out to a full army!

The Accessories

The battletome isn’t the only exclusive in the box! This Army Set also contains a beautiful selection of custom gaming accessories designed to match your new army. 

An acrylic combat gauge is perfect for those little measurements, from pile-ins and unit coherency to just how many of your Wardens’ pikes can stab that Bloodthirster. (Probably all of them! They’ve got a 3” range! That’s bonkers good!)

A token board and reference cards are ideal for keeping track of a variety of in-game effects, from the spells you’ve chosen, to artefacts equipped on characters, and how much aetherquartz your units have left to use. 

Finally, DICE! Because, after all, you can never have enough shiny maths rocks. These even feature the symbol of the Lumineth Realm-lords on the sixes. 

The Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set is available to pre-order this weekend in strictly limited qualities, so get online fast to secure your copy! In the meantime, check back tomorrow for another preview of the Mortal Realms’ newest army. 

* A considerable challenge for your imagination next to a pile of dice, that’s what!

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