Warhammer 40,000: More Models Revealed

Ooooooh, da purty models…..

GW teases us with some images of models coming out with 9th!

Yesterday was a pretty epic day for Warhammer 40,000 fans, what with news about a new edition of the game, a mind-blowing cinematic trailer and a glimpse of some of the awesome new models on the horizon. With all this and more doing the rounds across the internet (along with rumours from a potato-cam’s many blinking eyes), we thought it was time for a bit of a round-up.

The Awesome Foursome

Well, first up we saw the new Primaris Assault Intercessor, complete with heavy bolt pistol and meat-mulching* chainsword. Check him out here… or, if you prefer your pictures to move, have a gander at this lovely 360 video.

We also had our first look at the resurgent menace of the Necrons with some creepy new Necron Warriors, also available to view in 360 degrees of glorious techno-vision!

Seriously, how could a Necron possibly look creepier or more ominous?

Oh… like this. Yeah, behold the multi-limbed monstrosity known as a Skorpech Lord. 

This towering killer, armed with such delights as a flensing claw and enmitic annihilator, gives a hint as to the murderous delights the forthcoming Necrons have in store for us. Eagle-eyed fans might have found him skulking on the newly refreshed Warhammer40000.com website, alongside… 

This chap! Yes, your prayers have been answered – a new Primaris Lieutenant for a new edition… we know a certain tweeter who can’t contain himself. And yes, that is a volkite pistol* and storm shield. 

Necron Potato-cam

And that’s not all we’ve got in store for you… thanks to the reverse-miracle of the potato-cam, we’re able to bring a much nicer, less grainy image of some more Necrons… information on what exactly is in the picture remains shrouded in mystery. So, we asked Warhammer Community savant, Eddie Eccles to take his best stab at annotating it for us. Good luck everyone…

Primaris Ahoy!

We couldn’t let the Necrons have all the fun now, could we? Turns out there’s also a Primaris potato-cam out there… and to spare your blushes as you try to decipher exactly what the grainy, out-of-focus goodies are, we thought we’d get straight to the heart of the matter. Brace yourselves. THIS. IS. AWESOME.

Quick question: what’s better than a Primaris Assault Intercessor? Yep, that’s right! Five of them! Five super-choppy Assault Intercessors!

Wanna see a Primaris Bladeguard Veteran? Sure you do… and who are we to stand in the way of such desires? 

Your eyes do not deceive you – they are indeed 1st Company Veterans armed with power swords*** and storm shields. 

Surely it doesn’t get better for Space Marines collectors than that… right?

Except, there is one type of Primaris Space Marine requested more than any other… we’ve seen the tweets, the pleading Facebook posts and even the politely raised hands in Q&A sessions across the world. Well, White Scars, Ravenwing and other speed-obsessed Space Marines fans… now is your time to shine. Meet the Primaris Outriders. 

Yeah, they’re the best thing since the invention of the wheel. We agree.

Someone has to keep all these new Space Marines in line though, right? Someone to execute the orders of the Chapter Masters, or you know, just execute dudes in general? That’s this guy. 

He’s a Judicar – he’s an entirely new kind of Space Marine, he’s got an executioner blade**** specially designed for lopping off heads – and there’s a lot of ‘judicating’ to be done.

And… breathe…

Phew, that was quite the rush! Swathes of new Necrons heralding the resurgence of the galaxy’s former masters and enough Primaris Space Marines to conquer a Necron-infested planet or two! We’ll bring you more on all of these awesome new models just as soon as we have it! 

Let us know what you’re most excited about on Twitter and/or the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook group (your choice, we’ll appreciate you equally wherever). And, if you’ve got time to kill, and you need to up the amount of grimdark awesomeness in your life, take three and a half minutes to watch the cinematic trailer again. We will be…

That’s just our scrivener getting excited, it’s actually an Astartes chainsword…
** Technically, it’s a neo-volkite pistol, and if you ask any Horus Heresy fan, they’ll tell you they are perfect for immolating your enemies. Think of it as a heat ray that causes the target to deflagrate. And yes, deflagrate is a rad word.
*** Fine, master-crafted power swords, if you must know.
**** Executioner relic blade, if we’re being really specific. That flattened head, yeah – that’s how you know it’s designed for chopping the heads off bad guys (badness all depends on your perspective though, we suppose).

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2 years ago

That last image though. I’ve been staring at it for like an hour… what… Oh there are more images below it??? That’s news to me.

Also 8 pages of greater daemon rules??? At least 1 must be reasonable right?

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