Old World Update: Bears!

Desire to Kislev intensifies….

A few weeks ago, we saw an early look at one of the factions that’s in the works for the return of Warhammer’s Old World – the cold northern nation of Kislev. Today, we’re taking a look at one of the thematic aspects of that force: bears!

Kislev is a cold and hard country which forms a natural border between the Empire of Sigmar and the Chaos tainted-lands further north. Between the chill winters and constant threat of marauding enemies, the people of Kislev are hard and constantly ready for battle, and they use all the meagre resources of their country to their advantage… including the most abundant of their native animals. As an added bonus, they’re a bit fierce too.

Many heroes of Kislev tame great bears and ride them to war. Forming a bond with their mighty beasts is not easy, but for those who do, it is lifelong – indeed, legend says that when Tsar Boris died, his loyal bear guarded his corpse for a day and a night before disappearing into the snow. Some of you might actually remember this classic model of Boris riding his bear from years past…

We can’t wait to see the bear cavalry that will be coming to Warhammer: The Old World. They’re a long way from being models yet, but we’ve secured some stunning concept sketches of what you’ll be able to expect.

This is only the beginning. Even though this game is quite a ways off yet, there’s loads of cool stuff to see over the coming months, and we’ll keep bringing you these awesome nuggets of what you can expect as the project progresses. Sign up to the Games Workshop newsletter to stay up to date, and keep an eye out for more news soon.

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