Signals from the Frontline #682: Enduring the Doldrums & Community News

Reece and Frankie talk about getting through the slow times and what’s new in the GW tabletop community!

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Show Notes

Date: 4-29-20


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  • GW announced they’re going to be sort of opening back up for business soon which is good but for all of you awesome customers still placing orders with us, please hang in there and be a bit more patient as we don’t know how long this will take to get fully back up to speed and through our back orders. We will bring on the whole team to crush out the orders though as the shipment coming in is going to be massive.
  • The best part of that announcement though, without a doubt, was the reveal of the new Catachan Colonel which is easily my new favorite 40k model. This guy will be available to sell via independent retailers at 100% profit which is a very cool gesture from GW. If we get an updated Catchan range at this quality I will be over the moon!
  • On the Rumor Engine we got a sneak peak of what is pretty obviously a Lizardman model and that’s cool, been a while since they got anything new.
  • GW is releasing all the lore from previous campaign books in a single digital package which is kind of cool.
  • GW had some fun with a Primarch battle using the 30k models and The Lion was the big winner vs. Horus. It was a lot of fun and worth a read for a diversion.
  • Been having painting up D&D adventuring parties during quarentine. Got this one finished recently and happy with how it came out!

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3 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #682: Enduring the Doldrums & Community News”

  1. Nkumpy April 30, 2020 12:44 pm #

    Skin. I think skin was type Sir Franklin was alluding to.

    LOL 😂 I would love a “Signals from the 90’s” episode.

  2. Jace May 2, 2020 10:01 am #

    My guesses :
    Barbarian or berserker
    Monk I’m his ninja stance
    Wizard with gryphound familiar
    Battle priest of tempus or lathander or maybe paladin.
    Dwarf rogue
    Guy whose to small for me to tell, so maybe he’s the cleric with metal armour and no blatant weapon.

    Been a long time since I played so may be misremembering classes

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