It’s The Little Things That Matter

If you are an avid hobbiest you probably have the same collection-within-the-collection that I do. What I mean is that while we all have our army collections comprised of beautifully painted minis, many of us also likely have our collection of prized bits that we have accumulated over the years. These are the bits we seek out and stash away. These are the bits that you daydream about creating awesome conversions with. These the bits that have zero correlation with your primary army, but are just so damn cool that you can’ help but hoard them. Here are some of my favorite Games Workshop bits from all sorts of random kits that I have been saving for years and years.

This tank (or possibly Sentinel) crewman head has been sitting around in my bits box for so long that the plastic has faded! This is an out of production bit that I want to save for that perfect head-swap.

Along the lines of the above, this is an old metal tank crewman designed to fit into an open turret hatch. I keep wanting to find just the right tank to add him to. The problem is that the details are nothing like the newer plastic sculpts I have used for the rest of my tank commanders.

Metal Snotlings are priceless. Each little dude has so much character and I have slowly been using them to accent bases and larger Ork models.

I always save backpacks. I just know there is going to be a perfect use for them one day down the line. I could use these for a super special ops looking squad that is geared up to be in the field for an extended period of time.

These unarmored torsos are something I have been hoarding for years. They come in a few Astra Militarum kits but sadly each kit only has a maximum of one or two. I am currently working on a project where I have several infantry squads based around these torsos.

I have several models or parts of models, that come from those limited release boxes sets. I finally used the Navigator from the first Black Stone Fortress box set to make an Astropath. It took over a year after I first purchased the box, but I finally did find a use for this unique mini.

Dogs are cool, but apparently there just are not too many in the Warhammer worlds (both 40K and AoS). I cherish this pup and have high hopes that one day he will earn a sacred spot on the base of a future army’s HQ unit.

Shields and hammers are priceless in this time of Smash Captains.

Melta guns, plasma guns, and really all special weapons in general, are woefully in short supply. It seems like there are never enough! So I always save them if I have any leftover from a kit.

Impressive looking skull trophies and the sort are another thing I tend to hold onto. They can add thematic elements to units and really add a lot of character to otherwise generic minis.

The Beastmen heads are just so cool and luckily each box comes with a few variants. These can be repurposed and used to create so many unique Xenos conversions.

What bits have you been collecting? What are you favorite bits? I am sure you have a stash of awesome stuff just waiting to be used!

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2 Responses to “It’s The Little Things That Matter”

  1. Rob Knight April 29, 2020 1:05 am #

    Oh I do this. In fact, often I’m tempted to use my least favourite option for a kit, and keep the coolest bits for some unspecified future project. I inevitable never end up using them because I don’t find a conversion cool enough to deserve them. Needless to say, it’s becoming serious and I’m seeking help.

    • Kicker April 29, 2020 4:08 am #

      HAhaha, Rob Knight, I feel your pain! I too am guilty of often times taking the least favorite option in order to save the more desirable pieces! And I admit to buying entire kits just for a couple of very cool bits! Those new Ork buggies are so badass and have so many fun details that I had to buy a few, although I have no intention of using the bulk of the model itself.

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