Warhammer Underworlds Online: Launching Today!

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This was originally published on the Warhammer-community site.

Good news for those stuck indoors – Warhammer Underworlds Online is now… well, online! Following a successful period in early access, this digital version of Warhammer Underworlds has launched in full. The team pulled out all the stops, meaning they’ve been able to launch with no fewer than SIX warbands – Steelheart’s Champions, Magore’s Fiends, the Sepulchral Guard, Ironskull’s Boyz, The Farstriders and Spiteclaw’s Swarm. Even if you’ve been playing through early access, this launch unlocks all sorts of new features, such as the progression and reward system as well as cool cosmetic content like warband skins. 

And this is just the beginning. The Warhammer Underworlds Online team at Steel Sky have all sorts planned for the future, including regular FREE universal card drops to keep the metagame fun, fresh and accessible to everyone.

Warbands will be paid expansions – you can look forward to more of your favourites in future. Over time, Warhammer Underworlds Online will take on game mechanics from Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault and beyond – and whenever you started playing, it’s a great way to get your competitive gaming fix while you’re inside. 

Check out Warhammer Underworlds Online on Steam today!

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